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8 Home Remedies to Increase Bust Size

It is true! When you have small breasts it makes your confidence level low. Nowadays, women with small bust size casually opt for plastic surgeries and silicon implants. Plastic surgery is the other option but it’s not safe as it might have certain side effects.

So, we have the best home based tips for breast enlargement.

Malnutrition Effects
When a woman is malnourished, it is obvious that the amount of nutrients required is comparatively less which effects overall health. So, it’s an advice to consult a dietitian and move further with an appropriate diet.

Application Of Onion Juice
Application of onion juice mixed with turmeric and honey is a clumsy combination yet effective. This application has to be kept overnight and you can rinse it off in the morning.

Bananas Are Best

It is advisable for a women to eat banana on daily basis to have a good breasts. Banana have high amount of fats, which helps in developing muscles. This is a good breast enlargement option.

Consume Red Lentils (Masoor Dal)
Soak Masoor Dal for one-two hours. Make a paste of it. Apply the paste on the breast. Do not scrub the paste but gently apply. Keep it for half an hour or may be until it dries. Rinse it off after getting the paste completely dry.

Do Not Starve
Keeping fast, Not taking meals on time, having less meals are reasons behind small breast. Make sure that you take your diet according to your BMI (Body Mass Index).

Include Lots Of Fats & Milk Products
It is must for you to have lots of milk cream and other fatty products like cheese and ghee. These products would help to increase the fatty muscles in your body. As fats increase, eventually breast will start developing.

Healthy Diet & Water
Drink lot of water along with your everyday healthy meal! Include brunch and keep on eating for every two hours. This will help you to gain weight, which would result in breast enlargement.

Do massage & Join Swimming
It is said that massaging your breast with olive oil is also an effective measure. On the other hand, swimming clock wise and then anti clock wise, would help you to enlarge your breasts.

These simple and effective home based tips will surely help you see a positive difference in your breast size.

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