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8 Must Know Decorating Ideas!

Home décor ideas are always needed! No matter how beautifully you may have designed your home, ideas for making improvements are always welcome. However, there is a very thinly line of difference between a perfectly decorated home and an overly decorated home. You need to make sure that your home is Perfectly decorated, Not Overly decorated. So, to help you keep your home chic and always classy, here are 10 decorating ideas you must know. Check them out, follow them and enjoy a pleasant and beautiful home.

  1. Choose Balanced Designs

balanced look

Go for timeless designs and ideas that give your home a balanced look. For instance, if you stay by the sea-shore, including sea-shells in small decorations can add a very beautiful touch to your home. But, overdoing it can make your home look more like a theme park.

Stay balanced. Choose colors and shades that highlight your surroundings and still give your home a simple and sophisticated look.

  1. Don’t hesitate to mix patterns and designs

mix match ideas

A home is made of not just one person, but an entire family with people having different tastes. So, if your family with different tastes can still look lovable, a house with mixed interiors can also look lovely.

For instance, choose a simple vibrant room color and include an ancient looking wooden table with classy and cozy chairs where kids can eat and spill their food without the slightest worry. Add a very subtle interior design that can add charm to your living room.

  1. Hang your precious artwork together

art work

Adding art work to your home is a great way of adding class to your simple abode. Just a few pieces of art and your home is converted into a stylish living space. But just one tip: Group all your frames together on one wall to make a strong and lasting impression. Remember, you need not include huge art designs and pictures. Instead choose medium ones that can cover half the wall. Too much is also not a very good idea.

  1. Cut short patterns where you can


When you are re-decorating your home, make sure you also keep in mind to avoid overdoing things. For instance, choose simple balloon window shades instead of the traditional 10 yard long shades which are also expensive. Balloon shades look smart and use only 3 yards to cover your window. This way, you can also save some money in your pocket.

  1. Don’t make too many partitions

small bedroom

When you have a small place, its better you avoid making partitions in it. This will make your room even more compact and messy. Instead, keep everything in sequence and matching the furniture with the walls. It makes a small place look bigger and warmer.

  1. Going monochromatic

monochromatic room

Having monochromatic patterns, furniture and walls has always been a trend. Moreover, they make your home look very spacious and classy. You can choose big cozy sofa and furniture pieces that blend perfectly with the color of your walls. In order to add a little pop-up look, you can choose contrasting pillow covers. For instance, brown walls, brown sofa and cream colored pillows.

  1. Include side tables

side tableMore than anything, a house needs to look and feel warm to our eyes. Its not always about being classy and updated. Adding side tables to your room or a porch or a simple corner chair to your room or home makes it look warm and private. It is one place where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee alone, dipped in your own thoughts.

  1. Display your TV

display TV

If you have a flat screen TV, don’t hide it with your decorating ideas. Choose to display it on the wall or on your study table, wherever you feel it suits best. Avoid having the typical showcase nailed to the wall that holds your TV, speakers, etc.

Above all, remember that decorating is a gift and can only be learnt and perfected with great practice. Don’t expect yourself to learn the decorating skills overnight. Follow these decorating ideas and practice for best results.

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