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8 pm Curfew For Women – A BOON OR INJUSTICE?

Women in Gurgaon are burning with rage, rage caused due to the recent two gang rape incidents that reminded us of the December 16 Delhi rape case a few years back. But, to our surprise, the Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner of police has come up with a sick solution. Post gang rape incidents, the police came up with an 8 pm women curfew in the city, stating that women should not work in bars, clubs, shopping malls, etc. after eight in the night. According to the policemen allowing women to work after eight pm in outlets is risky. In case they do, the employer should provide them safe transportation to their home. But amidst this rage and rain of statements, it is for us to ask the question, whether such rules will really stop rape attacks and safen women in the country. Why put women restricted while the real sinners can enjoy their life outside in the free?

The police is right – based on the reports, most ‘SEX CRIMES’ happen post 8pm which needs to be controlled by the men in khakee. But, on the other side, this will also hamper the life of all civilians, and most widely affect that of all women.

The point of argument is whether all ladies welcome the idea of a work permit? Ladies must be protected, but work permit is not the answer. Solution to the problem lies in the situation.

In case a situation arises that a woman has to travel alone. She should be given a proper security. Sending a woman alone is the decision of the family and not a public issue. To see her safe depends on us (the public) and not the police alone.

It depends on where the permit is valid and whom it covers? In many cases a permit works in the work place. Not elsewhere. In case of emergency: When a woman has no time to take a permit, will she not be allowed to travel?

The point that the police is forgetting here is that they need to find laws and restrictions on men and not the women. Restraining the men or the culprits is the only solution to make the country safe for women.

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