8 Vastu tips for creating the perfect meditation room

Vastu Shastra is a traditional system of architecture originating in India. It is an ancient guide for a positive home and the science of construction applied in Hindu Architecture. The rules and principles of Vastu Shastra are applied in Indian houses because it ensures the happiness, well-being, and prosperity of all the residents. So, there should be the perfect meditation room for prayer or meditation in a home as it is a place of devotion, hope, trust, and even refuge. 

Here are 8 Vastu for home tips will surely help for creating the perfect meditation room – 

The direction of the Meditation room

According to Vastu Shastra, the best direction to worship goddess and deity is the east or northeast. Northeast is the direction where Earth’s powerful magnetic energy is generated. So, it is an ideal corner for a meditation or prayer room. If the prayer room is not located in the northeast direction, ensure you face this direction while praying. After the northeast direction, the east should be very much open, light & clean. The corresponding planet for this direction is Lord Sun, a big power that nobody can match. Worship can be done by facing in other directions, especially for getting any particular wish fulfilled. But, never face the idol or picture of God towards the north. Otherwise, the worshiper will face towards the south. As per Vastu, the South direction affects the growth in financial prospects, business, and career. The corresponding direction of South is MANGAL. So, this corner is not good in a meditation room. Similarly, the west direction is also not a good location for a meditation room because a big opening from this direction is not advisable. It tends to spoil the prospects of income. 

A feel-good space 

A quiet and calm place with no distractions is all that you require for meditation. A comfortable room that can provide privacy and away from the household’s major activities will be a better mediation room. A meditation space allows you to be yourself and relax you from within. If there is less space in your apartment or home, you can choose to draw a beautiful colored curtain or sit on an elegant floor carpet. A single element that you can associate with the meditation can make the whole space better and bring alertness. But make sure the same element not to be used for other purposes, or else you will probably lose focus. For example, the carpet or mat that you use for meditation would always give you new energy and vibe, but the essence slowly goes away if you begin to use it for other purposes.


According to Vastu, decorating the meditation room will also improve your holistic well-being by attracting cosmic energies that nurture you from within. By creating a sacred altar and decorate it with your favorite elements like statues or photos of mentors, gurus, or spiritual masters, among others, one can make a perfect meditation room. You can have aromatherapy candles, incense, indoor plants, tabletop fountains, rhythmic music, natural sounds, chants and hymns, holy books, and symbols to help you relax better. You may choose a comfortable chair with a straight back, floor mat, or bench according to your choice for seating purposes. You may want wooden flooring, a specialized mat, or a comfortable carpet or rug for yoga. 

Soft Colours 

According to Vastu for home principles, the meditation room should be painted in light shades of green, blue, yellow, and white. Many people see colors while meditating. So some colors can be used in a meditation room. 

White– This is a neutral and peaceful color and ideal for meditation rooms. If you see white light in meditation, this can mean that powerful and spiritual energy has entered your aura. White color ensures purity. 

Pale yellow: Yellow is hope, and it is a representative of cheerfulness, radiance, relaxation, and release from burdens. This color also promotes communication and boosts confidence.

Blue– Blue color is the energy of pacification, self-protection, sweetness and tenderness, and loyalty. It represents reunion with the Earth and symbolizes the new ideas. 

Green– It is the color of new growth and helps to improve concentration. 

Burning Sage and herbs

The scent of jasmine, particularly essential oils, helps relax while burning sage or other herbs can help cleanse the space. The ritual of lighting a candle, burning some sage, and rolling out the mat becomes the signifier that you are about to sit in stillness and turn your attention inward. Creating the space for meditation helps to get your mind calm and your body ready for the practice. They will also help you overcome illnesses, headaches, allergies, rheumatic pain, and skin infections, among others. They are also an effective way of treatment for anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Natural Light 

Some research suggests that practicing meditation may reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. But if there is no proper light in your room or your room has no window or natural light is not coming straightway to your room, then it’s a big problem. Because Natural Light for meditation will help activate some of your brain functions and allow your mental focus when you are meditating. If you have artificial light, then choose a soft lighting option that is gentle to your eyes. You can also create a wonderful space outside to get you closer to nature, which is calming and refreshing. Natural light helps your skin absorb Vitamin D, which is termed as ‘Sunshine Vitamin.’ 

Add Natural Elements 

Adding some natural elements in the room like positive energy plants, water bowls, or fresh flowers sounds peaceful. With these natural elements, you can connect yourself with your surroundings, and the balance between everyday life and beauty within remains maintained. So if you live in an urban environment and not be able to reach in the open for a long time, make sure to bring nature inside your home. The natural aroma of fresh flowers can also give a positive vibe in your mind. So, if you wish to explore the beauty of meditation with a fresh scent, try using essential oils in a diffuser. Oils like lavender, rosemary, and peppermint are some of the best oils you can try. You could use aroma because aromatherapy acts as a powerful method to reduce stress, relieving muscle tension, and improving the overall immune system.

Free from Gadgets and Devices

The most important tip to create a meditation room is to avoid using gadgets and devices while meditating. If you carry major distractions like a laptop, mobile phone, or another device inside, you will not fulfill your goal even after preparing a space for meditation. This time meant for relaxation must stay free from ringing calls, popping messages, and notifications. You can only try meditation music via meditation apps and focus on them. 

Vastu for house brings positivity, good luck, happiness, and prosperity. These are some Vastu tips that will help create the meditation room and help eliminate the negative energy and enhance positive energy. Use the tips for attaining enhanced peace and tranquillity and create an atmosphere of utmost relaxation in your home.

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