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8 Ways To Overcome A Breakup Like A Lady!

Breakups are heart wrenching, they are a phase of life which nobody would ever dream until they are badly stuck up with someone. But, it’s not love if it is the stuck up case. Overcoming the break up is difficult for those who were genuinely involved with their partners but there’s one thing woman often keep forgetting – there are people who still love you unconditionally. They are your family, most importantly it is you who love should love yourself!

So, stand up, its life…everything happens for a better tomorrow, for a good reason, remember Lord Krishna’s message in The Geeta? It takes time to forget those good bad memories but nothing is impossible.

Try these simple tips to make your breakup a past that never really happened:

Love Yourself

The foremost thing to do is: Tell yourself that you deserve much better and there’s something in store for you.

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Let Them Pamper You

If you are been ditched then try to be around people who love you – close friends and family members. And if you have decided to trash someone, we assume you had a wise reason.

Let them pamper you - Breakup

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Block The Not So Worth

Either block him on your social media accounts or unfriend him – we are sure bumping into his posts would just drag you to the past.

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Get Off Memories

Burn-tear-throw all his belongings and gifts that you have or do yourself a favour, return them all. This will help you get rid of him easier.

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Shed The Tears

Select a date/time, call your closest friends, sit, hug and speak out and cry out harder. Even abuse your past, but remember this is the only day you have for this!

Shed The Tears - Breakup

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No U-Turns Please

Don’t you ever call him or plan to get him back… instead plan a schedule to get yourself back to life.

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No Easy Taking

If the guy thinks he has done a serious mistake and seeks your apology demanding your presence in his life back, don’t jump off and forgive. Go easy, test his loyalty and decide.

Go Easy - Breakup

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Pen Down Your Feelings

Write him heart-broken letters, explaining his mistakes and what could have worked out and more but never really post them to him. Post it to your friend or trash it.

Pen down your feelings - Breakup

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What else, you can watch comedy shows and movies, take up a trip and shower whenever you feel low… Don’t blame yourself for something which is not your fault. We are sure every girl who is genuinely in love with a guy will relate this post. So ladies, be happy… kick the break-up a goodbye!

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