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9 Magical Beauty Uses Of Coconut Oil!

Coconut for health and Coconut for cooking meals! We all are aware about these basic uses of coconut oil. But surprisingly, this magical natural ingredient has several other uses, most of which are unknown to us, even today. You can enjoy a beautiful skin, beautiful hair, smooth and luscious lips and also beautiful eyes minus those haunting dark circles from around your eyes. This is one reason why most natural skin care products nowadays use coconut oil as an essential ingredient in their cosmetic products. Here are a few surprising uses of Coconut oil for a Beautiful you!

  1. The Perfect Hair Mask

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Coconut oil is the perfect hair mask for your hair. Melt the coconut oil and apply it all across the length of your wet and shampooed hair. Twist your hair and make a small bun. Leave it on for a few minutes (at least 5 minutes). Rinse your hair thoroughly to enjoy a healthy shine in your tresses.

  1. A Natural Body Lotion

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A little oil or its buttery consistency works great for moisturizing your skin after a soothing bath. In order to avoid the smell of the coconut oil, add a few drops of peppermint oil or lavender oil.

  1. For Soft Lips


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Painful lip cracks can be treated with a little coconut oil. It would be ideal to carry a small container of the same with you for repeated use during the day. Just dab your finger into it and apply on your lips.

  1. Dark Circle Remover

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Tired of the puffiness around your eyes or the dark circles? Well, if yes then it is best to apply a little coconut oil under your eyes. Take a little coconut oil and rub it between your fingers to warm it naturally. Then apply it under your eyes to treat wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

  1. Treatment For Frizzy Hair

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Besides protecting the frizzy hair it gives your tresses a glistening and delicate feel. So rub a little before starting your day.

  1. Highlights Your Face

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Refresh your face and make it glow naturally by dabbing a wee bit of oil on your high cheeks, ‘the cupid’s bow’ and on the lower portion of your forehead for extra moisture and glow.

  1. Body Cleanser

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Rubbing a mixture of coconut oil and rock salt/ (sugar) cleanses the skin and also keeps it damp, while using on heels and ‘elbows’ add a little salt or sugar for additional roughage. This will help you get rid of dead cells, thus leaving your skin soft and supple.

  1. The Best Makeup Remover


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Take a few drops of warm coconut oil in your palm and massage it slowly on your face. This will easily remove the makeup from your skin while also leaving your skin moist and glowing after you wash your face with warm water.

  1. As A Shaving cream

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Want to shave your legs, arms or your bikini line? Well simply apply a little coconut oil on the area and allow the razor to glide on your skin, removing the unwanted hair from the area in the process.

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