9 Unusual Ways Of Using Cinnamon

Cinnamon Tiramisu… Cinnamon tea… and Cinnamon cakes!! We just love them all, don’t we? Cinnamon is one spice which when added to any food, makes it smell and taste exotic. But, did you ever know that apart from using it in the kitchen for flavoring delicacies, cinnamon also has a list of secret uses? No? Well, here is your chance to know how this awesomely delicious spice can help you treat acne, insect bites and more.

Curing Acne

Mix 1 tsp cinnamon powder, with 1 tsp nutmeg powder and 1 tbsp honey. Mix it properly and then apply it on the cleaned acne area. Allow it to set for 20 minutes. Later rinse it away with lukewarm water.

Reason: Cinnamon helps the facial cells to turnover and fades away the acne scars faster than any medication. It kills the bacteria and prevents future acne.

Eases Neck Pain

In a tube sock, fill 3 quarters with white rice, 2 cinnamon sticks and 1 tbsp cloves. Now heat it in a microwave for just 2 minutes and then drape the tube socks around the neck. Reheat and use until the spices lose their smell and effect.

Reason: Cinnamon has great aroma which can be used for aromatic therapies for easing the pain in your shoulder and neck.

Treating Bug Bites

In a spoon, mix cinnamon powder and honey. Apply it directly to the insect bite and leave it for a small time.

Reason: Honey and cinnamon moisturize the bug bite and prevents further irritation. It heals the bite easily and faster than other methods.

Moth Repellent

In a piece of cloth, combine 4 broken sticks of cinnamon, ½ cup cloves and ½ cup whole black peppercorns. Tie the cloth and keep it in your closet to keep your clothes free from bugs and moths.

Reason: The fragrance of these spices acts like a medicine against moths and small insects, thus keeping your clothes safe from bugs.

Aids Digestion

Sprinkle little cinnamon on all your food. More than a spice, it will work as a medicine for your body.

Reason: Cinnamon is a well known Carminative spice which has properties to cure bloating and treat gas.

Ants Free home

Take a cloth and place a 2 cinnamon sticks in it. Keep this cloth in your cabinets or just sprinkle a little cinnamon powder on the ground near the kitchen shelves.

Reason: The fragrance of cinnamon helps keep the bugs away, including ants which keep crawling into the kitchen cabinets in search of food residues.

Plump lips

Take a little cinnamon stick in your hands and moisten it with water. Rub this cinnamon on your lips before applying lip colors.

Reason: Cinnamon acts as an effectual lip-pluming agent. It can help you easily achieve fuller lips naturally without having to undergo any cosmetic treatment.

Keeping Home Fresh

Add a cinnamon stick into a pot of simmering water and let the fragrance spread through the house, you may also stick 2 cinnamon sticks on a simple cookie sheet and keep it in an oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees. Then open the oven door and let it spread the fragrance throughout your home.

Reason: The fragrance of a cinnamon stick is equally strong as any room air freshener. You can, within minutes, make your home smell wonderfully with a cinnamon stick.

Mouth Freshener

Suck a small stick of cinnamon in your mouth for a minute and see the bad breath go away from its very roots.

Reason: Bad mouth odor is caused due to bacteria in the mouth. Cinnamon acts as an antiseptic and treats the bacteria and also refreshing your mouth with its essence.

With these points now revealed, try out these methods to fight bugs, heal neck pain and get plump lips.

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