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A Beginners Guide To Zumba Fitness

The phone rings the umpteenth time and as I pick it up, I know what the excited voice is going to ask. Do you offer Zumb®classes?

I surprise myself by matching my caller’s excitement as I rattle off again for the fiftieth time in the day with my rehearsed speech about Zumba, the workout which has taken 185 countries by storm creating a fitness revolution with 2 million people doing it weekly. I tell my caller (soon to be client) about Zumba’s incredible format of a workout inspired by Latin and International dances like salsa, merengue, belly-dance, flamenco, samba, tango and African that will take you on a journey across the world through music created by the superstars ruling the Billboard like Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Wyclef, Mara and Don Omar.

Can I Do It??

The voice on the other end is already sold on it as expected but I feel the apprehension. The question comes, “Can I do it? I have not worked out in 2 years and have two left feet.” “Oh Yes!” I exclaim before she can even finish.

“Zumba is for everyone. The moves are simple, easy and every dance step is modified by its creator Colombian origin BetoPerez, so that anybody can follow irrespective of size, shape, sex and age. Just wear the brightest workout clothes, good shoes and just bring that smile in class. Everything else will be taken care of by the licensed Zumba Instructor. You enjoy the class so much that you don’t even realize that an entire workout was hidden in one hour of that class.”

The weight loss effect

Having satisfied my caller, I get the “oh so famous” query. How much weight can I lose?

I know my answer is going to make them squeal either in disbelief or pure joy. “500-800 calories is what you burn in every hour, now do your maths”. I know that was the final nail and I will see her for class that very evening at one of my exclusive classes at the state-of-the-art Golds Gym, Bandra, Mumbai.

I continue with my little chat with her telling her my client stories of those who lost 5 kgs in 2 months to 20 kgs in 3months. “Yes,” I say “True stories.” As this conversation goes on for the next half hour, my to-be Zumba client is already on her way to change her life for ever.

Zumba class

Zumba Fitness

Zumba has changed lives of millions of people since the past 12 years. And with its cutting edge offerings, it has already broken all rules of the fitness industry and created history by winning the IHRSA Visionary Award 2013 at Las Vegas, IHRSA is considered the fitness Industry’s Oscars.

To get on the path of Zumba Fitness one needs to simply visit its official site

You and me can choose any of Zumba’s speciality to suit our workout needs. A beginner could do any of the below without any prior-dance and fitness experience.

  • Choose from Zumba Toning (using dumbells for the strength training buffs)
  • Zumba Sentao (Using a chair ,perfect for corporate clients)
  • Aqua Zumba (workout in the water for everyone),
  • Zumba Kids (Kids workout)
  • Zumba Gold (Older Active adults)
  • Zumba Step (bringing back the step workout in style)

Every time a new client walks in I cannot contain my smile, because she walks in with an oversized t-shirt and huge sweat pants and I know that in 8 weeks her wardrobe will be only hot pants and sports bras.

Join us as we create a fitness revolution of not size zero but of healthy men, women and children in India through Zumba Fitness.

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