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A Bride’s Quint-Essentials – Be A Bride That You Deserve To Be!

There are lot of things to do prior you get married. The bridal glow doesn’t come in a day. There are several skin care routines, spa and food secrets that help you in enjoying the beautiful bridal glow on the wedding day! You are the bride and you certainly have all the rights to deserve the best out of you. DIY.


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Regular Body Oil Massage : Set your body free. Enjoy a nice warm essential oil massage. Your body will have an instant glow and you would feel relaxed and this is how you can rejuvenate.

Clean-up : Face and back clean-up is a must thing. This will help your face skin to remove dirt and helps you to look young and fresh all the time.

Bikini Wax: Yes! We all have to face this reality at-least once if you are not used to it. Be strong, take a painkiller and go for it.

Daily Face Pack : Neem face pack is the best. The neem herb will help you to reduce the pimples and other skin allergies.

Dance To stay Fit : Take up dance as a sport and this is how you can burn some calories with ease. Aerobics and Zumba are booming. Try it.

Regular face Exercise : You need to be photogenic on your wedding day. So better you start practicing the face exercise that will help you reduce the double chin and loose the facial muscles.

Take complete sleep : Sleeping plays vital role. Out of all the excitement, it’s difficult for you to sleep but you need to assure that you sleep well. 8-9 hours is must.

Healthy Diet : Fruits, sprouts, snacks and soup is something you can always prefer as healthy eating is equally important. Replace junk with a healthy diet.

Watch Funny & Entertaining Movies : It is a very emotional time for you and you will go through extreme mood swings. So, keeping your spirits high is something you must do. Watch funny entertaining movies to assure that you do not feel low for the obvious reasons.

Pills For Periods : To assure that you do not get periods on your wedding day, keeping the myths apart, it is true that periods are most tiring and keeps you gloomy. To avoid this situation taking pills to postpone the day of periods is normal.

Say No To Stress : Keep things simple, Do not over work, Make life bit easy as there are many things running behind your mind. Chill out with some light music and nice vine.

Keep talking to your friends : Talk, meet communicate with your loved ones as you will feel better.

Move out and breath in: It is not compulsion that you have to sit inside the four walls as you are the bride. Take a nice walk or go out for a coffee and spend time with some good company at some popular spots to divert your mind.

By The time your D-day arrives… you will be all booming up with energy and have a beautiful glow from within!

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