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A Complete Hair Dryer Guide

Almost every person today, owns this hair tool. Hair dryers are one of the most commonly used tools to dry off wet hair and head straight to work. But, if you are using it only to dry your hair, then you surely are not aware about its varied uses.

Well, not to worry! It’s never too late to start learning the basics. Here are some exclusive tips and complete hair dryer guide that will aid you manage your tresses better next time.

Buy best dryers, but keep the heat low

Every hair dryer available today, offers you better heating ability than the previous. So, it’s best to buy a hair dryer that has higher watts. But, at the same time you should know the right amount of heat needed for your hair. Usually, hair dryers ranging from 1300 to 1875 watts are ideal for home use. Maintain the power but at the same time, turn the heat down.

However, if you want to set your curls or simply blow dry your bangs, a hair dryer with lower wattage can be ideal.

Heat level varies based on different hair types

Adjust the heat level based on the type of hair texture and the condition. High heat is ideal for people with very thick or coarse hair. They remove the moisture and keep your hair soft. However, make sure you keep your dryer moving and don’t focus the heat on one position for a longer time.

Low heat is perfect for people with thin or comparatively fragile hair. Use low heat if your hair is damp and not wet. This will prevent over-drying of your hair.

The “Cool” button helps seal the hair cuticles, thus giving your hair a final long lasting look. This adjustment also adds shine to your locks and prevents over-heating your hair cuticles.

Cool shots can also be used for setting your curls and waves. After using your curlers, simply use the “cool shot” and your curls will stay for a longer time.

Every hair dryer is different. Choose your type carefully

Ionic hair dryers are one of the most commonly used hair dryer types today, especially for its easy use. They break the water molecule and blow dry your hair faster than other hair dryers. The only problem with these hair dyers is that people don’t know when to stop?

When a person blow dries his hair using an ionic dryer, you dry your hair and brush it together at the same time. As a result, you fail to notice when your hair become dry. A lot of people over-dry their hair due to this situation.

On the other hand, ceramic hair dyers emit infrared heat that is safe for hair. Using them to dry your hair will be a nice option. Also using the tourmaline hair dryers which emit infrared heat and negative ions are highly favored by people for their perfect finish and no damage look.

But when it comes to professionals, most hairstylists prefer using the Rowenta Inspiration Pro Dryer which is a combination of all three ad provides excellent results in the quickest time.

Hair dryer attachments to ease hair styling

hair dryingHair Dryer attachments are not widely used by women nowadays. But, according to hair stylists, it is believed that attachments like diffusers and concentrators can help almost everyone who wants good stylish hair.

Diffusers help distribute the heat evenly in a broader area rather than concentrating it on one location. You can add some great bounce to your curly or wavy hair by using a diffuser to your hair dryer.

However, it is essential that you know how to use the attachment. For instance, women with curly or wavy hair should use the diffuser at a low heat setting. This will add bounce to your hair, make it gentle and keep your curls safe. If you use it at a higher heat, you will damage your hair, make it frizzy and tangled.

Concentrators, on the other hand are used to focus the heat on a particular area. They are used for styling and controlling the frizz in your hair.

Tip: Hold the concentrator close to your hair, with just a few inches space between them. Take a rounded brush and pull your hair as tightly as possible while focusing the concentrator on your hair. This will fetch you great salon like results at home.

Always use a heat protectant product on your hair

Heat protectant serums, sprays or lotions are a must to keep your hair from getting damaged. However, If you use curling and flat iron rods regularly, it is more suitable to use hair strengthening treatments which will protect the strength and quality of your hair.

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