A Point For Pain Relief : Feng Fu

With the hectic schedule and long working hours in front of a PC its obvious that different parts of the body keeps on stressing. On the daily basis we would be suffering from different kind of physical pain due to prolonged working hours. If the pain is not erased out of your body it can cause severe damage to your overall well being. On the other hand it is certain that none of us would like pain for the obvious reasons. So here is the solution to all your body pain.

Yes! Your are wrong. We are not going to suggest any pain killers by any means. The pain killer can give you temporary relief and much consumption can cause severe side effects as well. Here we will be discussing other natural and essential methods of relief for the body from the pain.

The method of Reflexology is one of the oldest ways of relaxing the areas of stress by the therapy of giving massage by concentration on the point of acupuncture.

The exact middle point of the back head is one of the crucial points where in one can concentrate. One can place ice cube at the back head middle point from the tip of the ears which is also known as “Feng Fu”. The Feng Fu point is the point at the base of the skull and starting back point of neck. By placing the ice on the Feng Fu point for approx 20 minutes as it triggers the rejuvenation of your body.

You have to practice placing the above mention method regularly before going to bed and once again in the morning time with an empty stomach. There are a lot of benefits of making it habit for many valid reasons as followed:

  • The quality of your sleep can be improved by this practice.
  • This can control over your mood swings.
  • It helps to regulate the gut of yours.
  • It helps your to get rid of cold.
  • The toothaches and headaches can be easily thrown out of your body.
  • It can cure many cardiovascular diseases, lung infections & Thyroid.
  • This helps you to overcome PMS and it will help you to improve mental health.

Image Courtesy: stevenaitchison.co.uk

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