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A Short Memoir Of The Temptress: Indira Gandhi

The one who took India into the gorge of ‘authoritarianism’ was very ‘liberal’ with the relationships she had with her male counterparts. Isn’t this a paradox? And she is the one from Nehru dynasty – the daughter of our very own ‘chacha’: she is Indira Gandhi.

We wish her a very happy 97th birthday and pray for her soul to rest in peace wherever she is (atleast posthumously).

The great personalities set their example to the crowd. This piece of writing will acquaint you to know the character of our most prestigious asset. Indira Gandhi’s tryst with seduction!

Talking about all the men in her life the most crucial ones were her father – Jawaharlal Nehru and her younger son – Sanjay Gandhi. She was closest to them. The list of her love affairs is muddling! Few of the known ones are:

  • Her father’s typist: Mathai Merely
  • Her yoga teacher: Dhirendra Brahmachari
  • The Foreign Minister: Sardar Swaran Singh
  • Dhinesh Singh
  • Mohammad Yunus (Father of Sanjay Gandhi)
  • Teacher at Shantiniketan: Frank Oberdorf

She had an uncontrolled libido inherited from her father. Indira had to settle with Feroze (for a while) since she became pregnant before getting married but there were many ifs and buts. The caste difference was problematic. Mahatma Gandhi had to interfere in between and adopt Feroze so that he gets the surname ‘Gandhi’ which is considered as the ‘in-caste’. She later had a son through him – Rajiv Gandhi. Before separation, she had a fling with yet another man, Mohhamad Yunus, who is Sanjay Gandhi’s father.

Lots of books and evidences show the controversially intimate side of her. Starting from her first love at Shantiniketan – a German teacher for which she was expelled from school by Tagore for her ‘wrong’ habits, to her long pre-marital relationship with Feroze Gandhi and then the list continues.

The question to be raised here is – With power comes ‘Everything’? Note the word ‘Everything’ here. There are rules imposed on the citizens of the country. The strong fundamentalist rules (you know exactly ‘what’ and ‘who’ I am talking about!) but ‘are’ there or say ‘were’ there any rules for the ones who were ruling? Keep thinking!


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