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Acupressure for Back Pain

Sitting long hours at work without moving much of your muscle is one of the prime reasons why more and more people these days are suffering from acute back pain. There are a few who follow a routine life with regular exercising schedules, diet and lifestyle choices. But, can that save you from excessive back pain caused due to your sitting postures and long working hours? Not quite. So, in order to get over the excessive back pain, you need something more powerful than exercises, something such as acupressure.

An ancient Chinese medicine technique, acupressure has the power to heal several health conditions and body pains, including back pain. The muscles in our back tighten due to lack of movements during the day, which leads to the straining of ligaments and also herniations in the vertebral discs. Treating back pain caused due to these conditions is not really an easy job. The medications treat the pain superficially without curing the main cause for it. Thus, to avoid such extreme back pain, you need to firstly improve your sitting posture and then start with acupressure treatment to cure your back pain from its roots.

The right sitting posture

  • Sit on a chair that is apt for your height.
  • Keep the soles flat on the floor in a relaxed position.
  • Make sure the back of your legs is rested at 90 degrees to the chair.
  • Rest your back completely on the chair.
  • Keep your shoulders and body relaxed.
  • Give parallel support to both your hands using the arm rests on your chair.
  • Take back support of the chair at 105 degrees.

sitting posture

Once you have corrected your sitting position, only then start with your acupressure treatment for correcting your back pain.

Acupressure treatment for your Back Pain

  • Visit an acupressure specialist to get the treatment. Make sure you go to a person who has complete knowledge about the various body acupressure points.
  • Breathe deeply and focus on only your acupressure points during the treatment.
  • Make sure the stimulation is strong as it needs to be felt strongly by the body.
  • The pressure applied should not make you feel uncomfortable. It should be just of the right pressure to slowly treat your condition.

Acupressure exercise for back pain

  • Choose a plain surface. Lie down on your back and then raise your legs up in the air. Bend your knees and hold the position while placing your fingertips in the center point at the back of your knees.
  • Slowly, move the legs back and forth while holding the position.
  • Hold the position for a while and then rest your legs on the floor, still keeping the knees bent.
  • Repeat this exercise for 3 times in a day at different intervals to get relief from your back pain.
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