Aditi Mittal - Sanitary Napkins

Aditi Mittal Owned Every Bit Of Sanitary Napkin Commercials In A ROFL Andaaz, A Must Watch!

Menstruation and things related to it will never be a cliche isn’t it? Yes, for some extent it is true, as it is such a taboo and a source to many myths we all are aware about! Though it is a natural process, we prefer talking periods covered in wraps! It doesn’t mean we like it, nobody likes to be ashamed of something which is going to be a boon in future, but helpless! Even the media doesn’t want us change, neither the society!

As the popular sanitary napkin brands come up with their unique way to lure the consumers, it also binds the society with certain myths that shouldn’t be followed. To take a dig into them and to tickle the funny bone of her audience, Aditi Mittal is back again with her standup comedy on ‘Sanitary Napkins’. You will be going all ROFL with this amazingly funny take on pads, designs and the system!

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