Age No Bar – Become a Mother At Any Age!

As a young woman, we always hear our elders suggesting us to get married soon. Not that they want you to leave your house or they finish their responsibility of getting you married. It is because your ‘biological clock is ticking’ and you should get married soon and have babies before you cross the 30 mark. Biological clock is an “age predictor” that can be used to measure the age of most human tissues, cell types, or organs”.

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The sooner you have babies, the healthier you and your baby will be. But can someone tell our elders that modern women also have other responsibilities other than producing a human which takes almost a year and years after to handle them? Some women are financially not ready, some have career goals. Why force a women into motherhood if she is not ready right now? Well, our elders say it for our good cause but still we often wonder if men are capable of making babies at any age, why can’t women reproduce babies and become a mother at the age they are ready to? Yes, they will soon be able to!

Scientists from Center for Human Reproduction fertility clinic in New York City have already started working on reproductive technology and predicts that the research will enable older and older women to give birth to their own biological children. Dr. Norbert Gleicher, founder and director of the clinic has come up with 3 revolutionary steps and says that in 10 years, the biological age of women won’t matter when it comes to reproduction.
egg maturation

  1. Creating mature eggs in a laboratory

With increasing age, the cells tend to become weak which affects the cells that can become eggs. Only a small number of cells out of millions in woman’s body matures into eggs that can be fertilized. Cells, part of follicle can now be coaxed into matured eggs in a lab. This new technique can yield successful results in comparison to Egg freezing and hormone treatment.


reproductive cells

2. Growing Reproductive Cells From Regular Cells

Converting Somatic cells into Stem Cells was a revolution which can further become different types of cells. With similar technology scientists have developed Sperm cells, though the safety of this method is questioned by many experts; however, in few years we can expect an improved method of converting simple cells into sperm and egg cells.

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3. Modifying Human Embryo Genomes

With increasing age, the risk of genetic abnormalities in the fetus is high. This is one of the main reasons why some women avoid waiting to have children. Chinese scientists worked on the genomes of human embryos and aimed to modify the gene which causes thalassemia, a dangerous blood disorder. Some experts says it can be a revolutionary way to eliminate genetic diseases while some fear the possibility of dangerous and fraudulent uses of the technology.

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We wish all the best to the team of scientists working on the above research as I am sure some women would love this invention. Science is working on it, society and medicine be ready for this amazing  revolution.

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