An Ode To Grandmother – A Winsome Hero

Life of a woman is just like a fresh breeze that spreads its fragrance wherever she goes. But, without her courage, her patience, her ability to stand strong even during the darkest of times and her caring nature, the image of a woman would not have been such lovely. Thanks to the teachings and experiences of her inspiration, her mother or her grandmother. As we celebrated Women’s Day yesterday, I kept thinking of one woman who actually made a difference in my life. And guess what…I came up with just two names, my Mother and my Grand Mother. But aren’t daughters the mirror image of their mothers? So, here is an ode to the bravest, the most loving person I have known in my life and perhaps you all girls have as well.

My Hero – My Grandmother

She is a super woman, a lady that has all the capabilities to prove the world that Women are not fragile and can fight for her rights. She fought against the society for keeping women uneducated, she fought for her rights and shared her thoughts when it came to the well-being of her family. At a time when we fail drastically to manage work and home, she single handedly managed her household and raised all her kids with the best preaching. She is our Grandmother, a woman we all love greatly.

Right from the era of Madhubala To Deepika Padukone, our grandmothers have witnessed the various stages of life. I can still recall instances when she encouraged me and all my siblings to update ourselves with the latest trends, gadgets, news and changing lifestyle. And the reason she gave makes me smile even today… All she said was “Stay updated or you won’t stand a chance to prove your might in the society.” And this was one reason I never felt shy talking to my granny about friends, school, boys and life.

As a kid, we loved her stories that taught us about the good and bad of the society. Stories of Rani Laxmi Bai, Swami Vivekananda, Prahlad, the Mahabharata and Ramayana were just a few of the enormous list of stories that she remembered when putting us to sleep at night. Her stories made me feel proud of my culture, making me take pride in being a woman and a good human. She promoted womanhood in every field. Right from the liberty of thoughts to taking decisions independently, grandmother has always been a sacred guide book towards my bright future.

Today! When I am standing on the verge of getting married I remember all the good deeds, all the courage and optimistic attitude that she has created within the family. I look forward to her as I plan to enter a new phase of life. I know, life won’t be a bed of roses, it will have uninvited troubles, but I know how to fight my way just as my grand mother did all the while. I have learned a lot and still need to learn things from her Book of Life.

Had it not been our grannies who pursued schooling, girls today wouldn’t have had the right to go to schools and get education for a brighter and independent life. She never went to a University, but it was for her that my mother went to university and I hold my degrees in my hand today. Today she is not with me in this tangible world but when it comes to leaving my mark behind, I find her still guiding me in my dreams and thoughts, saving me from mistakes. So, on this Women’s Day, I owe my success and my achievements to that one super being without whom, the life of girls would never have been this interesting. Love you and Thank you Grandma…

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