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Are You Dating a Nice Guy?

Dating is fun, thrilling and perhaps, one of the best experiences of life. It’s an all girls dream to date the most handsome guy in school and college, being the girl of the most wanted boy of the town! The reckless acts, fantasies, wandering around and enjoying the aggressive blood stream, it all makes us enjoy our teenage school and college days memorable for a lifetime. But these days, women are now smarter, wiser and mentally more balanced then ever before. And this is one reason, almost everyone wants to be with a nice guy, someone who is always supportive and helping. So, if you want to know whether you are dating a nice guy or not, check the below list and justify the answer. Make sure you are true to yourself and not blinded by love.

Trusts and treats you well

This, by far is the basic of any relationship. Good manners in men is the most attractive characteristic, more appealing than their dimpled smiles. And yes, it is very difficult to find a guy like that. Does your guy give you respect just as much as you give him? Does he make sure you are comfortable wherever you are? Does he like opening the door for you? Does he take your opinion before making a decision? Well, if the answer to these questions is a yes then feel safe that you have a real nice guy with you for life.

Self-made man

Men love showing off their accents a lot, especially when they are expensive. Well, its quite easy showing off a car or any other form of accessory that is bought from the money earned by his dad. This is ridiculous, swaggering about the work and money earned by someone else. Such men may be good at heart, but they will never learn respecting the minor things, provided by life.

A guy who is self made, values every relation, every work and respects women most. He understands the value of money and every small bit of happiness you enjoy with him.

Loves being there for friends

How many guys today, stand by their friends, family and unknown people during the most grieving conditions? Not many! It takes a lot of courage and guts to stand by people at a time when they need support most.

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A nice guy will stand by his friends, family and others without the least expectation. The support may be financial or even emotional, but he will stand like a sun, spreading his sunshine around.

Keeps others first

People today, are extremely self-centered. It’s more like a rat race to make sure that you get all the benefits of life, before others get it. No doubt, this is something we are taught right from our school days. If you don’t become selfish, there is no chance you will stand high, above the others. This attitude is however not very welcomed by women of today.

Women love a guy who puts others first, and talks as ‘We’ more than the ‘I’ word. A nice guy will reach out to others, understand their pain and help them in however way needed.

So, Best of Luck ladies! Hope you are with the right guy in your life. Happy dating!!!!

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