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He Asked For Dowry To Feed Me For Life, Shouldn’t This Be Banned?

Having just crossed 25, life burdens us with responsibilities such as attend social functions, listen to the gossips and implement keep in touch remarks of relatives and friends. At times, all you do is wakeup – go to your office – social gathering -sleep, it annoys to have been grown and taking up all the responsibilities. But attending marriages especially have taught me a lesson – a list of don’ts every family or for that matter a person should understand and ban from the sacred rituals.

Here are what I believe either should get altered or should be banned from the Indian weddings:


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1.Give & Take Rituals

Not all families out there are rich, some doesn’t even have enough moolahs to organise a wedding. They do it putting themselves in debt, then why take so much pain to give more pain to yourself in future? Just because one father is giving gifts loaded in trucks doesn’t mean another father has to? Why can’t we just keep it simple?

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  1. Dreadful Of All!

Dowry! Seriously man? You are taking her forever in your life because you need to love her unconditionally and not take money to feed her? Think about it!

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  1. Endless Demand!

Oh, We are from the groom’s side and so we can demand any useless thing and it has to be made available by the bride’s family? Oh you should realize, you weren’t in a supermarket!

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  1. Pseudo Judgments!

Did you hear Avinash’s fiancé demanded a house? Yes, she demanded a house to live, for her family, looking forward for a secure future for her children and husband? I guess you did not take pain to think this. Did you?

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  1. Stop Being A Critic!

You are invited to their auspicious occasion, all you have to do is enjoy the ceremony, give your blessings, have food they arranged from all their best capacity so just be the part of their happiness rather than eating their food plate bhar ke and then criticizing it as if you were a chef on work!

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  1. I Too Love Music!

I know you girls would hate me for this but loud music on heavy processions makes you feel very stylish? No, not at all! It blocks the roads, gives big time trouble to patients in hospital, to students trying to study etc. You can definitely have some DJ’s organised in a party hall!

There are just a few I came across, imagine hundreds of rituals in India, hundreds of different mentalities to tackle. It’s not that we all don’t understand, we do but we just don’t raise our voices. Let’s make marriage, a simple yet the most important ritual for life!

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