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Dr. Seema Khanna, a renowned nutritionist in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition. With an extensive professional experience of over 2 decades, she has handled patients of obesity, renal disorders, bariatric surgery, GDM (Gestational diabetes mellitus) and other diseases (diabetes, hypertension, aplastic anemia ,diverticulitis , cholelithiasis).

She has successfully completed her Post Graduate diploma in Dietetics and has been serving the western part of New Delhi since last 24 years. Her most served hospitals include some of highly reputed hospitals like Maharaja Agresen Hospital, MGS Hospital, MKW Hospital, Mata Chanan Devi Hospital etc.

She has treated patients a wide range of patients having vivid diseases. She has served patients with lowest hemoglobin levels and inflammatory bowl diseases. She has also treated patients suffering from diabetes, mellitus, cardiac diseases, renal diseases, gout, bullemia nervosa, excessive vomiting during first trimester of pregnancy.

Her usual clientele includes patients suffering from obesity, which is more of a lifestyle disease. She has helped patients in reducing 10-12 kgs in a span of 5-6 months. Apart from this, she is also a regular participant in lectures, conferences and seminars.

Dr. Seema has conducted a symposium on obesity and the importance of bariatric surgery in Khetarpal hospital. She has also been an eminent speaker in Hamsburg International for a lecture on Importance of fruits on healthy lifestyle. Moreover, she has held a round table conference on healthy lifestyle in corporate sector and has also been invited by nutrition companies like Nestle, Abbot , Safola and Nutircia for conferences on nutrition,
Life member of IDA ( Indian Dietetics Association).

Presently, she is a consultant  nutritionist in 5-6 hospitals in west Delhi.

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