Elisha Kriis

International Travel TV show Presenter, Model-Actress

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Hello, my name is Elisha Kriis. I was born to a Brahmin mother Bhagwati and Zoroastrian father Jahangir in the lovely and vibrant state of Gujarat. Both my parents served as judicial officers in the state. I was raised in a disciplined and strict environment at my home. I did my Bachelor of Business Administration from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara. I had my passion for modeling from very young age. I participated in beauty pageants and fashion contests and even got into part-time modeling, while I was in college. I also hosted many corporate events as well as many women and student empowerment workshops.

After my graduation, I pursued my career in films and television. Soon I got my first big job as Travel show host for an International Travel TV network called TravelXP. This job took me all around the world and this gave me much needed exposure which I believed was essential for my personal growth. I also worked in some Hindi movies and documentaries; and I continue to pursue my career in films.

ElishaKriisI believe in the virtues of vision, hard work, persistence and most importantly patience. I say, “It is never too late to be what you could have been.” I believe we women are eternally blessed and beautiful beings. It is not just the outer beauty and grace I am talking about. It is also, the divinity that lies in the ability to create nurture love and bless a life that we are empowered to bring into this world. Today we are coequal with men in every field and can multi-task home and work with grace. This in my mind is strongest virtue of Women-kind.

So here is to all my womenplaneters, I want to share my life experiences to help you get the best out of you and the world around you.

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