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Heli, that’s what I am generally addressed by the people, who knowingly or unknowingly have met me on the path of my life. Someone had said, “A day in your life, can change your whole life”. Being Gujarati, my Mom has been one of the authentic gujju cooks I have ever come across. Certain delicacies that she make, I haven’t seen anywhere and in any gujju household.  At an age of 13, Rotis is not the only thing to be made in those lovely four walls called, A Kitchen. Years passed by when I must have tried thousands of delicacies – some being edible and some being an eye sore. Pursuing academic in Fashion (which is the second self of mine, other than cooking), after a wait for some 7 years, I got a job that I love.

During these many years, all I have done is dreamt food and lived food. I would have dreamt more than a lac times for being appreciated for my culinary skills. And in April 2013, the prestigious magazine Femina, admired this art and gave my blog a place in their national edition. They picked up 50 women across the country (as they completed 50 years), who had a portal and were being influential for those millions of women who aspire to achieve their dream. Being the one on the cover page of the national edition of a Fashion Magazine and that too for my culinary skills, added new wings and opened new avenues for me. Today, at 32, what I realized was that I have been blessed to have developed many good skills in the culinary art and am sure the dream that is the apple of my eye – will ripen one day.

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