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Jeeva Anna George is a Master’s in Economics and International Economics from the University Of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Her professional experience includes her handling the Economic and Public Policy affairs desk at Confederation of Indian Industry, Karnataka and working with Market Research firms. Apart from her work on Government white papers and Industry reports, she has also worked extensively with the Media covering Major Events like Aero India and National Conferences.

Her Passion is to Drive Awareness on the Gluten Free Lifestyle in India. As a Celiac or as a Person with Celiac Disease in India – she understands the challenges and hopes to improve the nightmare of living with Celiac in India. To her, Gluten Free is not a Fad or an Allergy. Instead, it is an Auto Immune Disorder which currently has no Cure in the World. The Only way to control this is by following a Gluten Free Diet for the rest of one’s life. This Disease now affects almost 1% of Indians, with many yet undiagnosed.

She now Heads, Jeeva – A Gluten Free Venture. She was awarded ‘AnthahPrerana’ an Award by TiE Bangalore Chapter in November 2013.

Apart from her focus on making India more aware of hidden diseases and supporting people with food intolerances, she is also an avid quizzer and a singer trained in Carnatic and Western music.

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