Nurture Early Development

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For every woman, motherhood is the most amazing experience. She goes through a complete transformation of life, with the advent of, so far unfamiliar and intricate emotions. She is excited to take her own unique path to grow her baby into a happy, capable adult. With these happy experiences, she is also nervous about doing it right, as she wants only best for her baby. Grandparents, aunts, friends, neighbors and workmates, all rattle her with diverse pieces of advice which possibly worked for their babies. All this confusion, compounded by her aspirations and her constraints may make this critical period, a challenging one.

It’s only in recent years that we’ve truly come to understand the importance of the first three years. It’s during this time that the brain is hard-wired and the foundation laid down for how a person will feel, think and behave for the rest of her life. You want to build a strong foundation for your baby in these crucial years. Kidgaze is here to assist you, being the parent you want to be.

With Kidgaze program, parents can timely access, influence and intensify baby’s progress in all six spheres of development. Our experts are available to clarify any of your doubts, about your little one’s growth and development.

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