Mukta Shah

Face Reader, Handwriting Analyst and Tarot card Reader

Know More About Mukta

Mukta Shah is a Professional Tarot card Reader, Face Reader and Handwriting Analyst, since 2008. She has been trained under Mrs.GooliBejanDaruwalla for honing her Tarot Card reading skills & has learnt Handwriting analysis and Face reading by reading exhaustive books specializing in these subjects. She believes learning is a never ending process and hence, plans to continuously update herself with the progresses in these topics that interest her & also learn other aspects of Divination.

Her skills have been polished over the course of time by participating in various college events throughout India, giving speeches at Baroda Management Association & Rotary Clubs and a wide clientele base. The passion that she has for these analyses is reflected by the fact that she started learning these skills right from the tender age of 12.

Academically, HR has been her choice of subject since the 2nd semester of her bachelors, which led Mukta to specialize in this subject in both graduation and post-graduation.

Mukta has done her graduation in Bachelors of Business Administration from The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda. She later completed her post-graduate diploma management from SIESCOMS in 2013. Along with pursuing her college education, Mukta practiced her profession part-time.

Her first corporate exposure was granted by Kotak as an regional HR manager for Gujarat. She worked there for 1.5 years but couldn’t take her mind off her passion; so decided to start her own venture which made ‘The Sibyl’ a full-time business.

The word Sibyl comes (via Latin) from the Greek word sibylla, meaning prophetess. In simple words, Sibyl is a woman who can foretell the future. The sibyls were women of ancient Greco-Roman antiquity who reputedly prophesied at holy sites under the influence of a deity.

The Sibyl has virtual presence as a website ( & on Facebook ( & real presence in Nizampura area of Vadodara city.

Activities Held and Performed by her:


  • BMA (Baroda Management Association) – twice
  • Rotary Club (Baroda Main)
  • Rotary Club (Metro Mix) – twice
  • Rotary Club (Jawaharnagar) – twice


  • Radio City Kitty Party (2015)
  • ‘All About Faces’ (coming up on 6thJune’15 at Surya Palace)

College Festivals

  • IIT Mumbai – ‘Mood Indigo’ (2010 & 2012)
  • SIESCOMS – ‘Vyapaar’ (2012)
  • MSU BBA – ‘BBA Baazigar’ (2011)
  • MSU Techo – ‘Paramarsh’ (2009;10)
  • SVIT (Vasad) – ‘Prakarsh’ (2009)
  • BMC (Baroda Medical College) – ‘Vibrant’ (2010)


  • Academy of Human Excellence – ‘The science of living’ (the Tarot segment) – thrice (2009;10;14)

 Other Events

  • Weekend Rangbirangi
  • Summer Suhana Sunday
  • Pool with Moon (DJ party)

Vibrant Shopping & Food Carnival

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