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Neopel is a comprehensive one stop facility for inborn error of metabolism (IEM) or newborn screening and other genetic testing. The company offers a wide range of genetic tests to improve the life of all newborn babies and hence, their parents.

Its one of its kind, where in all kinds of genetic and DNA test are done. The company has state of the art machines and a team of dedicated and highly experienced professional with a huge experience of over 10 years in new born screening and other DNA tests.

They provide customized panels as per the customer needs.

The company also has affiliation with a leading international genetic center having all accreditation.

Neopel is not only a laboratory for genetic testing, but a facility for improving lives.

These are the few tests which they offer:-

  • New born screening – 1 to 117 disorder
  • Prenatal screening – 1st and 2nd trimester
  • Allergy – Food (56 allergens) and inhalation (20 allergens)
  • Tumor marker
  • Anemia panel
  • NIFTY – Non invasive fetal trisomy test
  • Chromosomal micro array
  • Duchenne Muscular dystrophy
  • Paternity and maternity testing
  • Siblingship testing
  • Child swap case
  • DNA profiling
  • Immigration testing
  • Ancestral origin
  • Genetic testing
  • Other DNA test

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