Riddhi Vasavada

Food Blogger, Homemaker, Guest Writer

Know More About Riddhi

A home-maker, loving wife, food blogger, foodie (who loves to eat outside), loves food photography and cooking, Riddhi Vasavada is the perfect example of a woman who has taken her passion for cooking to newer heights. Her passion for food emerged after realizing true sense of food taste and food photography.

To support all her passion about food, she started her blog – www.foodgamut.com where in she shares her dishes with readers and followers.

She loves to cook all kinds of vegetarian delicacies and plays with the ingredients to invent new ones. Riddhi has always actively been concentrating on engaging her blog’s readers and followers. She has made her blog’s presence to many social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and recently started food photography on Instagram.

Riddhi was lucky enough to meet celebrity chefs like Chef Rakesh Sethi, Chef Shailendra Kekade, Chef Pranav Joshi and Chef Saransh Goila and hoping to meet many famous chefs who are in her list.

Riddhi also loves to visit restaurants to see the new trends catching up in the world of cooking and cuisines, especially the way even simple dishes are served in the most amazing way.

Her simple mantra – Eat healthy, live well and respect food. She envisions opening her own restaurant one day.

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