Roopika Sareen

Parenting Expert, Blogger

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Roopika Sareen is a Banking professional who took upon her passion of expressing herself through writing after the birth of her twins. She is a recognised name in the parenting world as a blogger on newborns, parenting, breastfeeding, preschoolers.

She describes herself as a caring daughter, a cool wife, a super cool mom-of-twins, a banking professional and most of all, a simple girl-next-door! She is interested in exploring and bridging the gap between the notion of the ‘Ideal Worker’ and the ‘Ideal Mother’ and advocating for positive changes in our community, culture & parenting style. When she has time to herself she likes to use those 15 seconds of freedom to take a sip of coffee. She shares her experiences and learnings through her blog ‘Go Mommy’.

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