Dr Ushy Mohan Das

Energy Trainer, Behavioral Therapist, Writer

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An Energy Trainer, a doctor by profession, a Communications Scientist, a psychologist and behavioral scientist, an educator by passion and a crusader against corruption! Dr Ushy Mohan Das is the person who relates to all these triumphs.

A dynamic individual, Dr Ushy Mohan Das is a renowned doctor by profession and a successful behavioral therapist. She has held workshops that help uplift the energy in her patients, thus enhancing their lives. For over 3 decades, Dr. Mohan Das has trained in the field of Communications in the corporate, government and educations sectors. Dr Ushy Mohan has also been awarded with several prestigious awards including:

  • National Award for fighting against Corruption in the Medical and Dental education (2013) from Star Plus, Hope For the Nation.
  • Indian Dentist of the Year for Research Innovation and Service to the Profession. (July 27th 2013)
  • Rotary Award for Most Outstanding Service to Humanity and Profession (2013)
  • Chikkitsa Rattan Award for outstanding service in the profession
  • Star Pediatrician Award
  • Lifetime Education Achievement Award

Dr. Ushy Mohan is a world class motivational speaker, who has coached over thousands of people from various countries and is also the creator of, “The Mind Workshop”. She is also a Mind and Leadership Coach who has been acclaimed and also preferred by various countries, cultures and people for her services. Dr. Ushy Mohan is also famous for her Alpha Mind Level Energy Training.

Dr. Ushy Mohan is a professional practitioner of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. She has spent more than thousands of hours inspiring people around the world, helping them discover their strengths and achieve great potential.

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