Oh So Heavy Bags Women Cannot Lift: Tanishq Advert Breaking Stereotypes!

Indian audience connects well when emotions are poured into a message, that’s the crux and everyone knows it, pretty well. Be it International brands or companies that have Indian roots, they know Indians ke dil ka raasta is through emotions. Like many other adverts which play its tunes on the subjects like Mother-daughter bond, sharing is caring funda, Daadi ke haath se bani daal etc, this new advert throws bold light on the conventional women stereotypical myths.

The new advertisement #BestAtWork by Mia, Tanishq gives a befitting reply to all those who thinks women can’t!! With the theme to empower women, it also does the branding of looking great at work is doing great work hand in hand with the exclusive working women jewellery by Tanishq.

This is an advert every Indian women must watch and also ask their men family members to understand the depth of reality and to overlook the myths of women cannot!!

Take a scoop of it ladies and share them well to convey a bold message:

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