Banish The Bloating

Bloating is a gassy feeling that causes heaviness in the stomach and lower abdomen. This is caused due to production of gas in the body, which is a sign of indigestion. There are certain foods that cause bloating, although they taste good and are irresistible, they should be eaten in reasonable quantities. You must learn to look after your stomach, so that you can enjoy different kind of foods and also digest them well.

What Triggers Flatulence and Bloating?

A diet containing food that causes gas: This can happen by eating certain foods like beans (Rajmah and Chole) or peas which produce noticeably more gas when compared to other foods. Though high fibre foods are healthy but they are difficult to digest. The small intestine can’t break down certain compounds, which means extra work for gas producing intenstinal bacteria.

Antibiotics: Certain medicines and antibiotics cause bacterial overgrowth in the intestine.

Swallowing Excessive air: Smoking, chewing gum, ill fitted dentures, talking while eating or gulping foods to quickly fills up air in lower digestive tract where it builds up as gas.

Having too repetitive meals: Give a gap of at least three hours after every meal and before you consume any solid food.

Foods to beat bloating

bloating food

Indian Herbs as below can help us to get rid of bloating from root

Cinnamon: Coarsely powder and boil cinnamon in a glass of water with a pinch of pepper powder and honey. A tablespoon of this water should be taken half an hour after meals. This is effective in relieving gas in the stomach.

Mint: Mix the juice of mint leaves with a little honey and lemon juice for gaseous distension of the stomach.

Bishop’s seed (Ajwain): A teaspoon of Ajwain with a little rock salt is a popular household remedy for indigestion and gas.

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