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Banished – The Painful Story Of A Maid, A Mother And A Woman!

Like every other girl in this world, even I had a dream of getting married to the man of my dreams. As I belong to the lower middle class family, I never dreamed of a king but yes, always conceived to be his queen. My mother arranged money for my wedding, from the tea stall which we owned on the highway. It was an arranged marriage, as of course there was no scope of love marriage from the family I belonged to.

I had seen many wedding processions and they are lavishly alluring, I had even seen bedecked brides, who looked no less than a goddess, but I knew my limits so I happily embraced simple and little things my parents arranged for me.

Indian Women - 2Finally, the day arrived and we were united under the holy matrimony of marriage. I had began my new life and was living it completely. My husband owned a Rickshaw and my father-in-law worked as a Vegetable vendor. My mother-in-law visited number of houses as a maid, I accepted everyone for what they were. In a few days I found a small money yielding solution, I choose to work as a cook and also a maid in 3 houses.

All seemed beautiful to me, four of us earned and were able to fulfil our basic needs. To add more to my happiness, within 3 months of my marriage I gave a good news to my husband :

“Listen, I want to tell you something… that.. you are going to be a father”

Happy he was, but he did not let it out completely, instead he said,

“Great, it’s very good but don’t you think you are too quick? Anyways, now you have to work harder, we need more money, as one more mouth to feed”.

He left without hugging me or being happy, leaving a truck of questions in my mind. Was I responsible for the baby, solely? I took his statement as a matured one and told myself that he was right on needing more money. Months flew away while I experienced my conception in sheer happiness. Just before my labour, my husband had to search for a job as his rickshaw had a major mechanical problem and we had very little money. Adding more to this, my father-in-law was not keeping well and hence he was at home the day and night. Post delivery, I was asked to take complete rest at least for 5 months due to my C – section operation.

My little one was healthy and beautiful, a son like that of Sun, but my smile fades away with all tensions that persisted in the family. My mother-in-law did not like me taking rest, neither my husband took any interest in talking to me or holding our son.

One day, 30 days post delivery, I left my son with my father-in-law, to look for work where I was working earlier. I couldn’t walk properly as the stitches were painful, somehow I reached the destination to find that I had been replaced. I found nothing! Disappointed and heavy heartedly when I tried to cross the road, I had to run off from a speeding car. Luckily I was not hit but wait I felt a numb around my lower abdomen, on checking I found that I was profusely bleeding and my stitches were now open.

My In-laws took me to doctor and I was okay just to be bedridden for months and to stay away from work. I knew this would be disliked at home, I kept mum for everything I was been told. One night my husband asked me to pack my stuff, and informed me that he is dropping me home the next morning, for few days until I was fit to work again. I was happy that I would not see any unhappy faces and mother would make me run in few days.

He left me and my son after having conversation at tea with my parents, only to send 2 people from his family to our home after 1 month. The representatives came with the printed papers having written something on them, I knew no language so one of them read out loud that it is an insurance policy for me as I was not keeping well last month and it needed my signature. I did see my husband’s sign and thus I too signed the papers. He said Thank you and then immediately said, “ Sorry, your husband has asked us to tell you so”.

I stopped them and asked, “What, What sorry.. What did he do? It’s ok if he could not come to pick me… What are these papers? I was blank as summer sky when he said, “Divorce Papers!”

It’s been 9 years from the day I was banished and left unconscious on floor. For years, repeated attempts by my parents left them in failure. Later, my husband got married to a woman elder to him, who brought lots of money and a piece of land. This news invoked quarrel between the two families, but what could have been done? They had my signatures on divorce papers!


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I chose to remain single with my son and my parents, I managed to get a permanent job as children’s maid at a primary government school. My son studies in the same school. I fought a war with my memories and it took years to achieve victory. Everything was back to normal until one day he came home:

“I want you back in my family, I apologize that it took years to realise. I would not hurt you I swear, where is my son? Come let’s go home. I have brought those papers.. you burn them here… You can…”

Until he finished, I didn’t have the strength to listen to him anymore. I shouted and asked him to leave, threatening to call the police. He left speechless and I cried for the entire night.

What do you think, did I do the right thing? He needed me back because his wife eloped with someone! Was it fair for me? It’s Karm! I did nothing!

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