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Beautiful Nails In Minutes – Tips To Color Your Nails!

When it comes to looking beautiful in and out, girls try to follow almost everything they see, hear or have read about ‘how to be the beauty spot’. Be it skin, weight, makeup or fashion, they consider more or less everything, and applying a perfect nail polish is one amongst them! Yes, there are few simple tricks one has to master before using the nail polish.

Thank us later for giving you an awesome pack of tips to paint your nails:

  1. Remember The Base Coat

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To give your colored polish the right texture, always apply a transparent base coat. It will also give your manicure a little more days to last.

  1. Just Three  Applies

After the taking the right amount of color on the brush, just let your brush guide the colored dot on your nail. From the base of the nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right, and then down the center.

  1. Clean Up The Skin

Well, we all did this! Painted our skin surrounding the nail while applying a nail polish. But wait, we’ve got something for you. Use your old lip brush, dip it the nail polish remover and swipe it around to clean the edges!

  1. Tip Of The Day

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Once you are done with the nail polish, hold your hands under running cold water or just dip your fingertips in cold water to let your polish dry faster!

  1.  Hot Water Enemy

Always avoid hot water or even shower after the nail paint. Hot water causes the nail bed to expand, which expands the nail base causing the nail polish crack.

  1. Long Lasting Tip

To help your favorite nail paint last longer, keep it in a cool, dry or a dark place! Refrigerator is the right invention for the girls isn’t?

  1. The Neon Perfect

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Make your neon color more brighter by applying a white or an opaque nude shade as the first coat. It also helps them seem thicker. Try now!

  1. Know The Right Shake

Never shake your nail polish up-down and then down up! Instead, toll it back and forth between your palms vertically to ensure there are no air bubbles when you apply the nail polish.

  1. Glitter Does Glitter

Want your nail polish to last longer on your nails? Buy some glitter polish or the shimmery ones, they tend to remain glued than the normal colors.

  1. To Avoid The Color Break

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Always use a top coat on your very tip of your nail. This will not only protect your paint crack from the tip while typing but also avoid any cuts against the small things you keep touching.

I just had these tips handy, but I guess to get the perfect color on your nails… these basics will suffice! What do you say? Do you have any to share with us and the readers? Then please share some kindness, we do wanna look perfect!

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