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Beauty Myth or Fact?

Myths or traditionally followed ideas may be true or otherwise. People have been following these beauty tips from the good old days without knowing whether following them is right or not? Some believe them and some don’t. So, know about them and choose whether you want to follow them or not.

  • Crossed leg in a seated position causes “spider veins”
    Sitting crossed leg in a seated position does not result in knitted veins. It is caused by being on one’s legs for a long time. According to skin experts it could be a result of genes. A leg injury could cause this. It is so because the circulatory system is strained. A pregnant woman may have these due to the system being strained. The statement is a mere myth.
  • Using a razor makes the physical hair growth thick
    This is not the truth. The hair growth after every removal with a razor appears thick and short than it really is.
  • Waxing is not good for the brows because the epidermis near the eye seems to drop
    Whether you tweeze or wax, the tissues near the eye will loosen. It can be rectified only with “cosmetic surgery.” Tweezing is done only to maintain the shape.
  • Wetting the face while traveling by air is a good choice of moisturizing
    This is a mere belief because the face actually dries once the h20 vanishes. Look for a better options.
  • Sleeping on your back or with a satin pillow will help your face stay wrinkle-free
    This statement is true to an extent. With aging, face starts wrinkling and lying on a side for long will make the facial skin on that side wrinkle a little increased. Resting on the back will be slightly helpful. According to beauticians, dressing up in a high quality solar protection each morning may be more helpful.
  • Using wax for the removal of hair on the lips will thicken the re-growth
    Uncut facial hair on the lips re-grows to an extent. That makes it seem thicker, but the fact is that the thickness cannot be increased.
  • Using Nail paints repeatedly gives the nails a yellow tinge
    This is true because the paint has a dye that causes the yellow tinge.
  • The epidermal openings can be shrunk with some skin wares
    The openings cannot be reduced but can seem so temporarily with some goods.

There are many more that may be true or otherwise. With experience one can decipher the difference. Think before you decide.

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