Is Being A Good Mother Making You A Bad Wife?

Trying to cook food, diaper change your baby, sing rhymes to her and also manage the house chores! Trust me, its difficult being a mom. And when your little monster rejects compromising with you, and chooses to clutter things, throw clothes out of the cupboards or just cry out loud for some insane reason, you simply loose your mind.
Just the other day round, I greeted my tired husband after a long day at work by simply howling at him, complaining how my daughter would just not stop crying and throwing vessels from the kitchen cupboards. No Hellos, No hugs, No kisses and obviously No smile!! The noise of the vessels and her shrill sound made my head spin, and my only way to let go of the frustration was by shouting on my dear hubby, who had no clue why.
Managing life as a mother and a wife is a completely new chapter of life. With both legs stuck in two boats that demand to go different ways, it is extremely difficult balancing life together. You as a mother, want to take best care of your little one, and somewhere deep in your heart, your body aches to be with your love, hug him tight, kiss him and share his warmth. But is this all really possible without losing mind, freaking out, shouting or simply crying out your frustration? Yes… it’s possible! I made it happen for myself and so can you.

Understanding your kids

Kids are simply unpredictable. One minute they are having fun and the very next minute, you can see them burst into tears for no reason. The only way you can get over it is by easing your child, diverting his mind to something new and show him what you are doing. Controlling kids is not the solution, instead, try and control your temper and find a new way to cool the situation.

Prepare a schedule

Be strict and follow a schedule for your family. Fix your dinner times, sleeping times (just for your kids ;)) plan your work in advance and look for new ways to entertain your kids. Give them some new activity while you cook or do the house chores. For instance, allow them to color books, see cartoons or play with puzzles and make sure you secure the area by guarding the stairs and keeping child locks on the doors.

Hubby time

Cook food that your husband loves. Greet him with a smile and make sure you hug him whenever you get time to ease yourself. One hug with your love and all your worries and tiredness will drain away. Be fun, interesting and look sexy when you get some free time for yourself.
Remember, before you became a mother, you were his hot wife. Watch a movie and plan dates on weekends by keeping your child with your in-laws or parents. Make sure you spend time together and talk about your life and your little baby. This is the only way to manage your life as a mom and a wife!!!

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