Stop Violence Against Women

Being Humanistic – Fighting Violence Against Women

In India, a woman is raped every 32 minutes; A minor girl is abducted every 36 minutes; A girl trafficked every 46 minutes; A woman sexually harassed every 12 minutes and 21 women are murdered every day!!

What does this show? The women of India fight for her safe survival first! Identity comes later.

Even the enlightened Aristotle has been irrational while affirming the inferiority of woman to man. His words- “Also, as regards male and female, the former is superior, the latter is inferior, the male is ruler, the female is subject.” (Politics bk. 1, Ch. 4)

When will we be blessed with equality? A big question remains unanswered.

November 25th is marked as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The United Nations 54th General Assembly commemorates the lives of three Mirabal sisters from the Dominican Republic who were assassinated for their political activism. They are known as the ‘Unknown Butterflies’.

Women and girls are often vulnerable to violence. According to UN Women, one in three women is a victim of violence often done by a known one. What more adds to this trauma is the biased legal system and community attitude for many societies.

Raise your voice today for a better tomorrow!

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