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Benefits Of Martial Arts Towards Good Health

In today’s times when the world is becoming more aware of the importance of exercise towards good health, they turn towards the nearest gyms to get into good shape,wherein they spend a good amount of their money for the same. Going to the gym for strength and endurance workouts is no doubt good, but if they also engage a few days of their workout schedule in one of the most amazing workouts ever gifted to mankind, can add more value in terms of good health, which is Martial Arts.

Today many forms of Martial Arts trainings are available, like Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Jeet- Kunedo, Judo, Kalaripayattu(Our very own Indian martial art), Ju-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts(MMA),Tai- Chi. Even various gyms have incorporated martial arts training at their set ups.

Why Martials Arts Training is important?



If children are encouraged, especially from childhood, to take up martial arts training, especially in schools wherever it’s available, it can greatly benefit them to improve their flexibility, focus, concentration, discipline, avoid bad habits, healthier lifestyle in the future, avoid obesity, improve growth & especially height.



Practicing Martial Arts is of utmost importance for girls & women, especially in today’s times of insecurity. Along with the health benefits it offers, martial arts can instill self confidence in women and give them the strength to tackle any physical assault using the self-defense techniques, thus, warding off ill doers, eve teasers  and potential threats on the spot.

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Martial Arts can help young people to channelize their energies in the right direction. It can help them build self-confidence, focus, concentration and be more disciplined in their challenges of life, along with building strength, endurance and flexibility. It may also help them relieve stress and tension. And keep them calm & composed in any situation.

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The slowly practiced Martial Art of Tai-Chi can help the elderly keep fit and healthy. It may help them to improve their health if they are suffering from lifestyle or other disorders or diseases like Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Breathing disorders etc.

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Some of the most observed health benefits of Martial Arts are

  1. Improved Cardio Respiratory Endurance :

Thanks to the dynamic and vigorous warm up and kicking & punching patterns, which last up to an hour at least, the aerobic system in the body is used for ATP(Adenosine-tri-phosphate) energy production, which uses oxygen and hence the muscles of the heart are strengthened improving endurance (stamina) and blood circulation, also a good amount of calories are burnt utilizing fat oxidation, thereby reducing body fat.

And along with the improved cardiac musculature, maximal O2 absorption and utilization (VO2-Max) happens, with improved lung capacity helping respiratory function and helps avoid or prevent cardio-respiratory illnesses. It will also help to maintain good blood sugar & cholesterol levels.

  1. Improved Muscular Strength & Endurance :

As the workout includes lots of functional training with squats, sit ups, side sit ups, push-ups, pull ups, dips Jumps, Kicks, Punches, Falls ,with the use of punching and kicking bags along with sparring(mock fights),it greatly improves muscular mass, tone, strength & endurance.

  1. Improved Flexibility :

As the workout includes lots of stretches & kicks, it helps improve the ROM (range of motion) of different joints and improves flexibility.

  1. Improved Reflexes :

As the movements in martial arts are fast, they improve neuro-muscular coordination and hence the reflexes even in normal functional activities are better.

  1. Improved Mood and Sleep :

The Vigorous activity of martial arts releases feel good hormones or endorphins and they relieve stress &tension, your mood stays better. Also serotonin uptake is better which improves sleep patterns.

  1. Good for Fat loss:

An hour of martial arts moderate to high intensity activity will burn anything between 500-700 calories ,which the aerobic energy system will take from the fat reserves in your body and hence help you to lose excessive fat. This can be a good part of a fat loss program.

Apart from these benefits, it also helps improve your immune system, concentration and focus, boosts self confidence and your self-image.

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