knife cuts

Best Methods To Treat Knife Cuts

Cooking experts or anyone else using a knife may get hurt. Finger tips are the most sensitive areas that get cut. Though, knife cuts are superficial, they need to be taken care of instantly.

Here are a few known methods on how to cure butcher knives cuts instantly.

  • Check, to see how deep the cut is. Use cotton wads or slightly wet cloth to clean the injured part. Keep the portion slightly pressed to stop the blood flow.
  • Apply a bit of antiseptic lotion on the area and clean the wound thoroughly. Apply some anti-biotic cream on the injured portion and tie a bandage. Tying a bandage will reduce the excessive bleeding.
  • If the wound is not very deep, use a sticking plaster or band-aid to keep the cut protected.
  • Regular dressing of the ‘wound’ is necessary. It is important to check the healing process. If the healing is slow or there is some pus formation in the area, consulting your doctor is essential.
  • Very often, these knife cuts are very slight and heal within a day or two. The antiseptic lotion takes care and no other medical treatment is necessary.
  • If you feel the wound is deep and needs to be stitched then visiting a clinic is inevitable. Use first aid measures and then visit the doctor.

The most common and instant relief suggested by the home-makers would be to place a bit of turmeric powder on the injured part. According to the elders, in the next few moments the person can start working as earlier.

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