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Beware, How Often Do you Use A Public Toilet?

Leaving house every morning fills me up with an enthusiasm to learn something new today but there’s one thing that bothers me every time I leave my house – How will I manage those dirty public toilets? In India, it is nothing new to find a western toilet seat down with a footprint on, you will also easily find thick yellow dry stains of urine on the seat where you are suppose to sit and pee. Period story is another gross thing to discuss but what is the solution? Do we have to wait until we return home or don’t leave home at all? No, there has to be a solution!

Yes, there is! A woman in this video went out to hunt some interesting troubles women face every day in public toilets, not only she gave them good advices, took varied solutions from the women and paid attention to their bad experiences, but she also gave them a solution. A precaution to use before you pee and get infected by dangerous diseases.

After watching this video, I am buying the solution this kind lady shared it with the woman around. The Peesafe Product ! I am sure you would like watch the video and then buy it. Because precaution is better than cure! Here it is!

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