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Bra Care – For Perfect Longer Use – By Arpita Ganesh

For every woman, buying comfortable and perfect-cup sized bras is the most important task of all. We spend huge amounts buying good bra that will not only give our body the perfect shape, but also last longer. But sadly, no matter how much you care for them, your expensive bras don’t last long enough. Hence, you need to learn how to wash them and take good care of your bra to make them last longer and in great shape. Find a few expert tips here to increase the life and strength of your bra.

1. Hand wash your bra. Washing them in machines will harm the shape of its mould and also ruin the wires. Wash them before your shower for just a minute and you are done.

2. Never Squeeze or wring your bra to remove the excess water. Simply pat them and hang them to dry. Preferably, hang your bra across the wire, with each cup hanging on either side of the wire or line.

3. Wash in a washing machine inside a lingerie washing bag. If you are washing your bras in a washing machine, put them inside a lingerie washing bag and wash in delicate cycle.

4. Never invert the bra cups when storing them. This will ruin the bra cup shape and make it useless.

5. Store or stack your bra one above the other in your drawer.

6. Use a bra travel case, when traveling. This will help preserve the mould pieces in shape.

So, now that you know, start caring for your bras in the right way for a longer and better use.

Arpita Ganesh is India’s ONLY professional bra fitter. Having fit over 3000 women ad seeing first hand the gaps in finding good bras in India, she is on a mission to launch her own brand Buttercups, that will cater to upto 80+ sizes and styles that are currently unavailable in India. She is looking for all you ladies to support her in this quest. Log in at and find out how you can help her bring better bras for us all.

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