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Breast Milk Shipping To Egg Freezing, Corporates Are Ready To Support Motherhood

Women Empowerment and Gender Equality issues are not just bound to India! More or less, the issues related to women are seen in every country. There is an average huge gap between male and female employment equality around the world. Gender Equality not only enhance economic regulation of a nation but also boosts development ramifications by removing barriers that prevent women from being able to access human resource perks, rights and opportunities. In order to make things work with regards to women at workplace, deliberate initiatives and modifications of company policies or new policies are required.

Surprisingly, supporting this thought, there are companies which have walked an extra mile to create Gender Balance awareness. OR, you may simply say, They have set an example to other smaller or larger scale industries and companies to take an inspiration to start working for the equal society. I hope these initiatives by the far thinkers will inspire others, inspire us:


Image Source: www.nytimes.com

Deliver Breast Milk

In first of its kind, IBM is planning to initiate a service to help the mom employee’s by shipping their breast milk home for their babies while the mother’s are on business trip. The company has offered this praiseful initiative to 29% of its women workforce worldwide. However, the company is not sure how much the packaging and shipping is going to cost IBM. They are also unclear how many women would participate and like this idea.

Fb and Apple

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Freeze Your Eggs

Apple US and Facebook has offered the female employees to freeze their eggs in an effort to attract more women employee. Alongside, Apple has a new extended maternity leave policy and  cryopreservation, egg storage as part of their extensive support for infertility treatments. The world  giants have not stopped here, education reimbursements for all classes taken by employees and subsidized student loan refinancing are also added to the perks. Freeze the eggs for women employees was to make sure they have safe pregnancy in their 30’s and 40’s. Facebook offers up to $20,000 (£13,000) for egg freezing.


Image Source: techstory.in

Celebrate Your Motherhood

Flipkart would be on one of the favorite lists of women in India. The company has rolled in an offer which no women would ever refuse. All the Flipkart new mothers can claim 6 months paid maternity leave. The perks also include 4 months of flexible working hours with full pay, employees can take a year long career break without pay and roll back to the job after 12 months. Additional to this, the company also offers upto Rs. 600 transport reimbursement for 2 months before going to the maternity leave. Maternity claim of Rs 65,000 for normal delivery and Rs 80,000 for C-Section. This is way too much.


Image Source: www.diageo.com

Keeping Female Employees Glued

Diageo India, is expanding the scope of its global women’s networking group, through the Spirited Women’s Network. The Network is dedicated to empower and strengthen women at work, in their families and in their communities. It will also encourage a variety of management styles and behaviours as well as create and brace solutions to women’s issues. While Cadbury India recently introduced the 12 week ‘My Mentor’ programme for women with an opportunity to involve with senior business leaders, including women leaders within the business across the Asia Pacific region.

While several other companies like Accenture, Coca-Cola and Boston Consulting Group are acknowledging formal women’s networks as a serious retention tool for women leaders, particularly at the mid-career level.

With many other Local, National and International companies coming up for women cause, we see the world towards Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, provided the women utilize the policies offered by companies. Once the idea sets in, many more companies are sure to follow similar tactics to pursue women employees. I hope women across the world realizes that happiness is the package the education, career and family.

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