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Bridal Wedding Couture – Selecting your Wedding Lahenga

The date is fixed, the groom chosen, venue decided and every other preparation checked! Finally, its now time for you to pick your Wedding Lahenga! No sooner do I say the word Wedding, emotions start pouring in into our minds. After all, it is The Life Changing moment in a girl’s lifetime. Her eventful moment of changing from a girl to a woman!

Such is the importance of a wedding Lahenga, and you need to choose the perfect one for your most awaited event. With hundreds of pairs of eyes staring at you, your jewelry and of course, your beautiful dulhan joda…Lahenga…you ought to make sure that it gives your beauty an additionally striking magnificence. But is buying the perfect lahenga really that easy? Of course Not!

Ask any married gal…and you will know the number of stores, boutiques and designers she had to run to, to finally choose her wedding day lahenga. With designers coming up with their latest wedding collections and local stores following the latest trends, choosing the best dress gets really tricky. But worry not my beautiful bride-to-be, as we give you an insight of the latest wedding collections, both designers and also the ones available to you in your local stores. Look stunningly gorgeous with whatever you may choose.

Designer Wedding Lahengas

Designer lahenga

For a dream wedding, you need a perfect designer lahenga, custom made only for you. Check out the latest wedding collections of designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Shaymal & Bhumika, Tarun Tahiliani, Anita Dongre and Suneet Varma. They have some of the richest bridal lahenga collections and you will simply love them all. Handcrafted and with very minute patterns, these lahengas will give you a truly majestic look. Also, choose the colors very carefully for you. Something that may suit your beauty icon like Kareena may not just suit your skin. Colors like Red, Peach, Pink and Maroon, all weaved in with golden work are in Vogue for the wedding Bridal Lahenga collections. However, remember…you are choosing the finest bridal lehengas from across the country and they cost almost around or above 2 lac Rupees.

Trendy Cost-effective Wedding Lahenga

Now comes the most difficult task! Choosing a bridal lahenga from a local store is the most difficult task, especially as you have a very wide choice, going from colorful bridal lahengas to the exclusive red and golden ones. Traditionally, go for the Red ones with a contrast of white and golden. OR you may simply go for a Red, Green and Golden Lahenga to suit the occasion rightly.

wedding lehenga

Coming to fabric, make sure you choose royal fabrics and not something as light as net. Go for the silk lahengas, velvet ones or the pure chiffon lahengas. These fabrics last for a lifetime and are never out of fashion. Check the work on these lahengas and make sure they are neat and don’t look very messy. Avoid too much glittery work as they make give your lahenga a totally off look. Please make sure your lahenga looks subtle and classy. Remember, it has to be Traditional and Not something too shiny. Go for a contrasting blouse and a dupatta that highlights the work of your Blouse piece. No matter how heavy a bridal dress you choose, these lehengas can cost you from 30K to almost 1 lac. This leaves to you to decide how cost-effective a lehenga would you like to choose for your wedding.

With this said, its time you run and check out the classy bridal lahenga options you have for your D Day. Happy Shopping!!

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