Hens Night

Brides Getting Naughty – Enjoy Your Hen’s Party

Hen’s party! So did the hens go wild? Hahaha.. I guess not! Ok, its marriage season and there has to be a bachelorette party for the to-be-bride. Hen’s parties are always fun, no matter whether you have it secretly in your home or plan it out lavishly at some far away exotic island. The only thing that you need to do is make it secretive, naughty and a complete mad party for you and your besties. The planning is obviously your choice. And no matter what you choose, you can still be assured that you will have the fun of your life before you get married and get dragged into the world of responsibilities and vows. So, let your self loose and begin planning for a perfect hen’s party before you get married.

Lets’ see at some of the classy ideas that can get your party rolling!

Dress Code

So, when you send invites to your friends, mention them a funny dress code for the party. For instance, you can choose lingerie theme, bikini theme, princess theme or a simple cocktail dress party theme. Don’t forget to send clear hints to your friends about the fun you are thinking of. Also, in case you are planning a hen’s night for your to-be bride friend, make sure you don’t embarrass her by choosing a wrong theme.


Hens Night Decoration

Choose to get the room decorated for the party in funny ways by hanging condom balloons, posters of sexy actors and actresses, some drapes and very little light (preferably the light arrangements similar to discotheques). This will rightly set up the mood for the party to begin.

Drinks and the funny food

hens night food ideas

Add a bit of fun to the party theme by naming the drinks and snacks with names related to the theme. Have funny drinks or you can simply name them in a funny way. For instance, Monster juice, Virgin bloody Mary, Sex on the Beach, Creamie tarts, dick kebabs, and more.

Fun Games

games at hen party

Include games that everyone can enjoy, including the to-be-bride. The last time I was in a hen’s party, I remember playing the cucumber-condom game. Give a cucumber and a condom to each lady on board and ask them to put the condom on the cucumber within a minute. The winner gets to eat the cucumber J. You can also have games like…who blows the condom biggest or passing the parcel, where every person who gets out has to share one intimate secret of her with her friends or gets a dare (something like a striptease). Ssshhhh!!! Make sure these secrets stay a girls’ party secret.

Gifts for the Bride

Gift for Bride to-be

In India, there are very few places where you can find naughty gifts for your bride-to-be. Ordering them online seems to be a better option. Choose gifts like sexy bridal lingerie or more revealing honeymoon lingerie, some sensual body oils, sex toys like handcuffs, blindfolds and more. Believe me, the bride is really going to have fun opening the wonder box.

Shake a leg:

hens party dance

And what can be more fun than dancing with your friends all night and not thinking about the marriage date.

With these ideas, I hope you get to start thinking about your Hen’s party really seriously… sorry I mean real sexily!

Tip: Plan your Hen’s party at least a week prior to your wedding day. This will help you and your friends enjoy it and also recover from the fun!

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