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How to Build a Home Office in a Small Apartment?

It doesn’t matter if you need a dedicated home office that you need to use to grow your own business or you just happen to be an aspiring author that needs a space where they can write stories on the weekends… having a dedicated space that you can go to within your home to do your most important work is absolutely essential, especially if you want to make any significant progress towards your goals and ambitions.

Believe me, once you experience having your own office space that you can call your own, you will never want to go back to any other way of working.

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However, I completely understand the reality that the vast majority of people don’t live in a mansion with tons of rooms to spare which they can use as their office space. In fact these days, there are probably more people out there that have to work by keeping their laptop on their knees for many hours of the day, not pleasant but it is an unfortunate reality!

So keeping the above in mind, I thought in today’s article I’d share some really useful tips to help those living even in the smallest of spaces on exactly what they need to do to create an office space of their own.

Step 1: Get Your Desk

The core and probably one of the most important aspects of any office space is the good old desk. It can seem overwhelming at first, since there are probably thousands of different desks out there but trust the process and keep looking until you find the perfect one for you. It’s worth it in the end, since you are going to be practically using it every time you use your office.

One word of advice with regards to the desk you end up choosing is that you are going to want to make sure that it fits in well with the rest of the decor of the house. This will just make everything aesthetically pleasing to both you and others that come and visit you in your office.

Step 2: Wall Space?

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More often than not a lot of people waste the space behind their desk. What I’m referring to is of course the wall behind the desk. If you are working with a tight space then every inch is precious and can be utilized in some way. So for the wall behind the desk, you could put up shelves to store all the things you need access to for your work and you could also personalize things a bit by putting up art that expresses your personality.

To really take things to the next level and personalize the space so you really love it you could actually create a gallery wall of some kind, and put up frames with pictures that you really and truly love. This will literally make the new office space inspiring which is exactly how you want to feel when you are working.

Step 3: Organization

Getting yourself organized is probably the most important thing you can do, especially if you want to make this home office work in the tight space you have available to you. Getting small drawers to put things in or perhaps some shelves you can put on the wall are going to help you keep everything in your office nice and organized.

The great thing is that you don’t need to get boring storage containers either. It’s 2019, you’ll literally be able to go out to any department store and find a million options for great looking storage containers to keep all your files and folders in. You just have to put in a little bit of effort to find the containers you like best.

If you happen to be living in some kind of studio apartment where everything is all in one big space, then it might be a good idea to invest in some shelving units to split your home office from the rest of your living area. That will allow you to create a separation between your working space and your living space. The last thing you want is to constantly be thinking of work when you are trying to relax.

Step 4: Get Inspired

Whatever you are planning to use your future home office for, the fact is that you are going to want to create a space that is warm and welcoming. A space where you are excited to be in every single morning. One of the best ways to achieve this is to put up a board of some kind where you put up things that inspire you.

There is no limit to what you can put on your inspiration board. You could literally put pictures of all the things that you want to achieve, personally and professionally, and other things such as motivational quotes etc to keep you going during the down days! Don’t feel like you have to copy anyone else, create a board that expresses who you are as a person.

Step 5: Time to Decorate

You don’t have to blow the budget to decorate your new home office. In fact this would be a great opportunity to recycle some things from other areas of your home. Just walk around your house for a minute and you’ll probably find all sorts of items that you don’t really use but would be great additions to your new office. Things such as mugs that you don’t really use could be great to store pens and pencils. Indoor plants could bring about some life in your office and add some much needed color etc. The great thing is that you will end up spending next to no money and still be able to decorate your office to make it look fantastic!

Step 6: Let There be Light

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One of the most important aspects of your new office is going to be lighting. It will make all the difference to how you feel, so make sure that you take the time to invest in a good quality desk lamp. If you have a small desk with very limited space then you might want to get a clip on lamp that literally clips onto the edge of your desk. This way you will get the light you need with any precious space on your desk being taken up.

So, there you have it, some really simple and practical tips that you can take advantage of to help you create an office space no matter how small your apartment is. Now, don’t waste anytime, just start immediately and soon enough you’ll have the office space of your dreams!

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