Can Eating Habits Cause Irregular Periods?

Do you keep a check on your periods, its irregularity and the flow? If you do, you should probably know when your periods become irregular, heavier, lighter, painful and longer. The alteration in our periods is usually caused due to several factors such as stress, health problems and also your food eating habit. Yes, the food you eat plays a major role in causing late or early periods. One should be more careful when eating routine comes in.

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Food intake is responsible for your body’s biological clock to an extent as it thrives on what you offer to it. There are various reasons for irregular periods, comprising of stress, weight loss or gain, hormonal changes etc. Follow these simple things, notice the changes and stay fit:

  • One must keep a check on things especially diet, to be away from overeating & junk food consumption as it leads to weight gain, thereby altering the hormones & making the biological clock suffer.
  • One must lead healthy lifestyle which includes exercising, pranayam & yoga with a nutritional diet.
  • Foods to be eaten to regulate periods are high fibre grains.
  • Flax seeds are plant sources of omega-3 fats and valuable sources of fiber. They also contain lignans — natural compounds that can help balance hormones, including estrogen as well, which in turn regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • Papaya: Papaya is considered very good to regulate the delayed periods. Also, raw papaya is very beneficial for menstrual period, one can consume in any of the form, raw or cooked.
  • Aloe vera juice is also very beneficial for menstrual flow. One can consume fresh amla juice for a better metabolic rate & other things like skin, hair  as well.
  • Til (sesame seeds) & jaggery: Consuming sesame seeds during the luteal phase of the cycle helps regulate the metabolism & improve the flow as well. Sesame seeds are rich in lignans which block estrogens. They also have essential fatty acids which promote optimal hormone production.
  • Amla: Fresh amla juice has got various benefits which help remove toxins from the body. It aids production of RBC’s & helps to regulate the menstruation.
  • Saunf is considered to be beneficial for irregular menstruation as well.
  • Fresh coriander leaves water also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, one can have about thrice a day.
  • Methi dana ( Fenugreek seeds): They are also very effective for regulating the menstrual cycle.
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