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Can Oral Sex Be Fun And Hygienic?

SEX – A Three letter word that can make the entire world dance to its heat! Time and again we have been talking about sex, How can you make your partner enjoy it more or How to last longer in bed. But, not once will you find people talking about oral sex and how it can take you to the seventh heaven alone! Yes… ask your partner about oral sex, and they might just smirk at you with a completely baffled look plastered on their face. Is it that oral sex is not erotic or pleasing? Or is it that you are just scared to take the big step or Shy to ask for it to your partner? Well, whatever may be, it is important that you take one step at a time (if you really want to) and not just bump into it, without proper knowledge. Get all your basics and concepts cleared about oral sex before you plunge into it.

Here are pointers for all lovers who have the heart and urge to try out the thrill of enjoying oral sex!


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  1. Vagina Doesn’t Smell Weird

If you think your vagina smells weird… please shake this thought off your mind. Your vagina doesn’t smell very different from your body. And yes, if you thought it should smell like a rose or peaches, that’s not true as well.

The only time your vagina smells different, is when you have conceived an urinary infection or an STD! So, if you find your vagina smelling weirdly, it’s time to visit your gynaecologist!


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  1. Avoid applying perfumes

Never think of applying any sort of perfume or oil to your vagina, only to make it smell flowery. You may just land up having an infection in your vagina or something worse. Instead, take a shower and cleanse your genitals properly to avoid any smell. According to reports, your morning shower helps your vagina to smell fresh for almost as long as 24 hours. So, be least bothered about the smell of your Vagina!

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  1. Having Oral Sex Is Fun

Oral sex is the epitome of intimacy. A lot of couples who have sex, don’t have oral sex. So, if you wish to push your relation to a new height, oral sex can help you achieve it. However, you need to have an open mind with your partner, let him/her know how you feel about it. Don’t lie or fake the feeling. Reciprocate rightly and you will see how much your partner enjoys this level of intimacy with you!


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  1. Protected Oral Sex

Did you think oral sex is safer and Keeps you at bay from STD’s? Well, if you thought that, you are probably wrong. Oral sex is safer than regular sex, but it can also lead you to infections. So, it is best that you use protection, during oral sex.

Females can cleanse their genitals with a medicated pH balance soap for the genitals while men can use protection such as condom while enjoying oral sex with their partners.


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  1. Boosts you to keep your genitals clean

Enjoying oral sex makes you take special care of your genitals. You look forward to hygiene, keeping your pubic hair trimmed/ shaved/ waxed perfectly for all the good times. This allows you to stay away from infections, makes your vagina smell its natural sweet odor and keeps the skin soft and supple.

Now that you know all that you need about oral sex, are you ready to experience the thrill of it? Share your thought about it with your partner and see what he/she has to say!

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