Gold Ring Designs for Your Man
Gold Ring Designs for Your Man

Now that you know what kind of rings are suitable for men, treat your man to one of these rings, a gift that he will cherish forever!

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The Best Places For The Pre-Wedding Shooting in Mumbai!!
Pre-wedding shoot in mumbai

Wedding is a complicated process with lots of traditions and peculiarities. However, one custom that came from the West is spreading among young couples with fascinating speed. We are talking, of course, about pre-wedding photo shooting.

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Dear Bahu – You are the Key to A Happy Family!

Marriage opens door to many new relations, relations that are for life and relations that needs to be cherished and pampered with all your love and respect but at the same time it doesn’t mention that you need to lose your previous bonds. Mothers are the most sensitives ones before and after the wedding at

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Superfoods for SuperBrides – A Complete Food guide!
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Bridal Platter There is no running away from the fact that every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding day with a well-toned and sculpted body, radiant skin and a perfect figure. Planning the wedding revolves around fixing on the venue, finalizing the guest list, the umpteen dress trail sessions and the catering,

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15 Signs About Him Proves He Is Your Mr. Right!
39621796 - closeup portrait, young couple in blue shirt, head to head, eyes closed in love smitten, isolated outdoors outside background. happy moments, positive emotions

Love is beautiful, benevolent, a blossom and blind! We all have heard many such adjectives to define love, which is complicated in the modern world. As people are getting more practical these days, it is difficult for one to choose the Right partner for life. Yes, you may spend some unforgettable memories with your boyfriend

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Dear Bride-To-Be – Don’t Overdo With Your Jewellery!
Platinum Jewelry

The tikka, bandi, platinum necklace, bangles and kamarband, all hold too much importance in an indian wedding. But, there stands a fine line of difference between wearing just the perfect amount of jewellery and being overly covered with bridal jewellery.

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I Was Asked To Be Shy During My Wedding – Laughingly, I Refused!

It’s been a few weeks and I am wondering that is this the new change I was looking for? A month from the most awaited day of my life, the one for which not just me but the entire family stood rock against the social stigma that they believe inter caste love marriage is, I

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5 Fitness Tips To Be The Perfect Looking Bride!
indian bride
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A wedding is the best time in a girl’s life. It gets stressful because there are a lot of arrangements to make, however, this time will never come back in a bride’s life. Every girl’s dream is to look her best at her wedding, but crash diet is one of the few mistakes which girls tend to make.

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Dear Future Husband, 12 Things I Want You To Know!
Indian Couple

To have a beautiful wedding one needs to understand each other and make sure that they fulfill the interests mutually; however, how is it possible without even sharing what kind of person you are and what is that makes you happy or unhappy?

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So What If I Had Dated Three Guys Before, I Am Yet To Find My Perfect Match!
Free Woman

You are beautiful being you, you don’t need any explanations to prove yourself to the society but to know it yourself, this is real and is happening, if you are not comfortable, you shouldn’t chose it! Here’s a real life written by me, words are mine but the spirit isn’t, it’s her, Sakhi (Name Changed)!

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How To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding D-Day?
Woman weight
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There is nothing better than a pretty wedding dress and an engagement ring to motivate a woman to get serious about weight loss. It is inevitable that you go to great strides to plan diet strategies, fitness regimes, quick fixes and starve yourself to detox for that radiant glow to look your best. What when all this goes down the drain with the stress and anxiety that comes along with this wedding bliss? The issue is that brides-to-be look out for quick fixes and easy dos that do not deliver in the long run and fail terribly. Wouldn’t you rather opt for healthier ways to lose weight that show better results that last longer? We have put together the ultimate guide to save you from the misery and help you lose weight before you lose your mind.

I Found True Love In An Arranged Marriage!

Mother’s unconditional love and dedication won my father’s heart and today she is getting it all back in kind. What I have learnt from them? Love requires no mansions, luxurious materialism but it seeks for trust, respect, patience and standing together parallel, no matter what are the situations. When I denied an arrange marriage this is what mother said, “I Found True Love In An Arranged Marriage.” And thus I found this story!

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No Bathroom For Three Days – A Wedding Ritual Followed In Borneo!
Weird Ritual - Cover

Marriage is definitely a happy ritual for us which comes after plethora of hectic traditional rituals but not the same for some tribal people in Borneo. Neither the bride nor the groom are allowed to visit a bathroom for three days after the marriage ceremony is accomplished.

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Dear Maa, I Love You – A Letter From A Daughter!
Dear Mother - 2

It’s been few weeks, I am married and trust me you are being missed, big time! There’s no one else in the entire world, who can make a space in my post marriage memories, but you, not that I am not happy.. I am very happy with my husband and his family, which is mine now! But mumma, it’s you.. Nothing can be compared with you!

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I Married A Stranger!
I MArried A Stranger

Marriage is a beautiful sacred ritual, and we are raised learning varied ways to keep the husband and his family happy in every possible ways. Learning the do’s and don’t for happy husband since teenage, a woman is very much in dilemma on what to do on day one at her husband’s house. But not all marriages are difficult! I came across this incredible story of a woman who married a complete stranger, but later finds a best friend in her husband.

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Preparing For Marriage Not Just The Wedding – For To-Be Brides
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Yes, planning a wedding can be stressful, but if just a portion of the time and money was invested instead in pre-marital counseling or in a short retreat together to talk about how the couple will deal with conflict later on, the success rate of marriages will be so much higher. If parents could speak openly with their kids about the expenses going into the wedding and see if the new couple would prefer an investment in something else like a home, a deposit towards a home, a car, health insurance or anything else more useful to the couple, this too could save many a marriage from falling apart for reasons that could have been avoided with some pre-planning.

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A Bride’s Quint-Essentials – Be A Bride That You Deserve To Be!
bride feature

There are lot of things to do prior you get married. The bridal glow doesn’t come in a day. There are several skin care routines, spa and food secrets that help you in enjoying the beautiful bridal glow on the wedding day! You are the bride and you certainly have all the rights to deserve the best out of you. DIY.

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Sorry – Not The Bahu Material You Looking For!
The Bahu MAterial - 1

The wedding season is on and the environment is blended with the mixture of perfumes, sweat post dance, delicious Indian culinaries and crackers. Marriage is a blessing, a feeling of happiness and a little sadness. Not to forget it’s the second innings of a woman’s life! Being the youngest one in the family, I have

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