The Dummies’ Guide to Wedding Wishes!
Wedding Card Wishes

Going to a wedding? Know a couple who has recently got married? Then our brief guide to wedding wishes is exactly what you need! Here are a couple of tips to make your wedding card message sweet and simple!

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Wedding Night Gift Ideas For Your Man!
wedding night gift ideas

Gifts are one of the simplest ways to let someone know how much you love them. But, picking any random gift, wrapping it beautifully and giving it with a smile won’t work, especially if you are giving it to your husband on your first wedding night. A gift can make your first wedding night memorable or ruin it completely.

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Innovative Ideas to Liven up your Wedding Anniversary Celebrations
Marriage decoration

An anniversary marks the journey you have traveled together as a couple and deserves its own celebration.

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4 Things To Consider For Finding Your Perfect Wedding Bands!
wedding bands

They say marriages are made in heaven… only to be lived and cherished for life on earth. And to strengthen your love, what better than choose the most exquisite wedding bands that depict your love, your purity and style through their classic designs. And so, it gets vital that you choose a perfect wedding band for your marriage, something that is above the basic patterns. So, here are 4 tips that you should consider while buying the perfect wedding bands for you and your life partner.

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Is Honeymoon Really Important?

Done with the marriage ceremonies, rituals and the home coming, Indian weddings can really take you to a toll with their extended events and the enormous guest lists. By the time the ceremonies end, it is actually your body, your mind and soul that craves, or in a more decent term, desires for some rest and loneliness. And the best way to do that is going off to a honeymoon.

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My Bidaai…My Story – Journey Of A Bride!

Weddings are fun! But, no sooner do the ceremonies end, the fun part slowly starts giving way to the most emotional moment of all weddings…The Bidaai… It’s time to say Goodbye to your parents, parents who gave birth to you, caressed you, pampered you and made sure you become an independent woman. It’s time to say good bye to all those naughty fights with your little sister and brother, siblings who shared your room, your wardrobe and most importantly all your secrets and thoughts. It’s time to say Goodbye…to one and all you loved and grew up with…

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Wedding Diaries… Journey Of A Bride
wedding feature

Cold feet… increased heartbeat… emotional outbreak…anxiousness… and a completely baffled mind! What more can a bride to-be go through on her D day, her Wedding day. With hardly any time left for the wedding to begin and the last minute preparations to be checked, every second counts. So, not wasting much time, here is a

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Wedding Shopping checklist – Do you have it all?
wedding shopping checklist

Preparing for the D Day seems like a Never-Ending Task! So what if you have already decided the groom and have prepared yourself for a lifetime of commitment, there still remains a lot of drama, running around and anxiety left before you actually get married. Shopping… I know we women simply love to shop, but when it comes to shopping for a purpose, we get simply baffled and end up either not buying anything or buying things that are not needed.

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Wedding Day – Bridal Makeup Tips
bridal makeup
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For a bride, the wedding day holds a lot of importance. It is Her Day to enjoy, Her day to Look the most Beautiful bride ever. Her day to say, I Do! And so, she has to look best on her wedding and has to have the best makeup for the perfect tantalizing look.

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Brides Getting Naughty – Enjoy Your Hen’s Party
Hens Night

Hen’s party! So did the hens go wild? Hahaha.. I guess not! Ok, its marriage season and there has to be a bachelorette party for the to-be-bride. Hen’s parties are always fun, no matter whether you have it secretly in your home or plan it out lavishly at some far away exotic island. The only thing that you need to do is make it secretive, naughty and a complete mad party for you and your besties.

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Bridal Wedding Couture – Selecting your Wedding Lahenga
wedding lehenga

The date is fixed, the groom chosen, venue decided and every other preparation checked! Finally, its now time for you to pick your Wedding Lahenga! No sooner do I say the word Wedding, emotions start pouring in into our minds. After all, it is The Life Changing moment in a girl’s lifetime. Her eventful moment of changing from a girl to a woman!

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The Big Fat Bollywood Wedding Of Arpita Khan
arpita with her brothers

A fairy tale life and wedding! The life of Arpita Khan, little sister of big brother Salman Khan, is just like one of those Cinderella stories that we have read as kids. Salim Khan and Helen brought home this little girl, named her Arpita and welcomed her into their 24 member family who live together.

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Workout And Diet Tips For The To-Be-Brides
exercise and diet
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With all eyes trained on you, ensure your skin is glowing on the big day. Naturally every bride glows with feelings of love and excitement on their special day. However, a radiant wedding-day skin takes a little more planning and effort.

The Modern World Of A Desi Bride! What’s Your Bridal Outfit For Destination Weddings?
beach wedding wear

India is a country of Traditions and Diversity. Each religion, state and culture has a unique & diverse tradition & ritual, which in turn inspires the various Wedding outfits. Wedding outfits in India are created with a huge pomp and galore. Be it a Gujarati Panetar or Punjabi Bridal Kameez, South Indian White & Gold Kanjeevarams, Maharashtrian Nav-wari or Bengali silk Saree.

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The Modern World Of A Desi Bride! What’s Your Destination Wedding?
historic wedding

Weddings in India have always been a grand galore. Huge wedding party plots, over-the-top decorations, scrumptious food & innumerous guests complete the list. However with influence of Western world, Indian Weddings are taking a huge turn-around in terms of Celebrations. People are now ready to try out west-inspired unconventional theme weddings & destination weddings.

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Top 5 “I Do’s” For Every Girl – Bridal Trousseau Must Have’s
Not fall in the Make-up Trap

Wedding is a huge event for any girl!! Today’s Indian Bride finds it difficult to strike a decent balance between Comfort & Tradition. The most important question for every Genx Indian Bride is how to stay comfortable while sticking to tradition on her “D” day?

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Why Most Indian Women Worry About Marriage?
Women Worry Marriage

Oh heaven….its wedding season all again and if you are still single, you might just be busy finding reasons to avoid your wedding. The filmy taam jhaam of seeing a guy, going for a date, rejecting the relation or even worse, getting rejected… the story goes on and on… But before you go for yet another date, ask yourself if you are really ready for it.

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Skin Renewal Programme For The Special Day!
Come Alive

A special day is special in every way, may it be in terms of pleasant memories and flowers or be it for your beauty at its prime. Rather than making your skin wait for a special occasion, your genes can tell you a way to make each day a special day for your skin!

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