Parents Fighting

Caution! Your Child Has An Ear On All Your Fights

Parents fighting is definitely a nightmare for every child.

In today’s age of high-pressure jobs, high standards of living fierce competition in every area of life. Be it a child’s school, your job or the holidays you take, there is competition everywhere. This often leads to fragile relationships, as the threshold levels of all concerns are very low.

Parents end up having diverse views on things and this sometimes turns into an argument that could flare up which in turn results in becoming really hostile towards each other.


It is alright for a child to witness or be a part of some conflicts and observe how parents overcome and deal with them. As a child learns important life skills through these experiences. In other cases, when a conflict spirals out of control, it can set a negative impact on the child too. It might make the child anxious, distraught and worried. In some cases, it also starts affecting the child academically and they start showing social withdrawal. Some might end up becoming very aggressive and develop other behavioural issues. It can also lead to disturbed sleep which can further lead to headaches and other health problems.

Research shows that children who have been subjected to parental fights at home are more likely to have higher levels of cortisone which is a stress hormone and such levels in the body can lead to long term health hazards. It makes a child less confident to have relationships and he may feel discouraged to do so.

With so many negative impacts, I strongly advise parents to restraint themselves from fighting in the presence of the child and keep their arguments private.

Understanding the impact that it will have on the childand realising that it is really not worth it. A happy and warm environment at house keeps the child healthy both mentally and physically, very contented, focussed and most importantly socially active.

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