Pink Premium Pads

Be The Change, Be The Revolution – Switch to Pink Premium Pads

Life is all about a Change! But what matters really is the type of change you make! It can be Good OR It can be Bad! It can be Healthy OR It can be Irresponsible! The choice lies in your hands alone! But at WomenPlanet, we took it upon ourselves to make this CHANGE, A change that is healthy and Good for both, we women and our Mother Earth! And this change is called the Pink Premium sanitary pads!

Made out of completely natural and organic materials, the Pink Premium pads are high absorbent ultra thin pads that are 100% biodegradable. Giving your sensitive vagina a chance to breathe air even during your periods. These pads are a result of our years of research and a vision to enhance the lives of women around the world!

Why We Chose Biodegradable Sanitary Pads?

Have you ever given a thought to what happens after you use the regular plastic and synthetic sanitary pads? Well, it’s simple! They get dumped in landfills where they take almost 500 to 800 years to decompose. Additionally, a woman uses almost 11,000 to somewhere around 17,000 sanitary pads in her entire lifetime. I leave the remaining calculation on you to calculate the number of years it takes to decompose these many pads and the amount of waste we create during our periods.

Moreover, these conventional sanitary pads are made out of 90% plastic and 10% Bleaches, Anti-bacterial agents, Perfumes and SAP. These factors, in the long run, lead to Cervical cancer, Ovarian cancer, UTI, Birth Defects and also Miscarriages.

These are enough reasons to make any woman switch from Plastic sanitary pads to Natural and 100% Biodegradable pads. And WomenPlanet being a woman oriented platform took this STEP to Bring a Change into the Lives of Women across the world.

Pink Premium Pads

About the Pink Premium Sanitary Pads

For us at Pink Premium, Women Health and Women Empowerment are our first priorities. After a lot of effort and thorough research about biodegradable materials, we finally took the BIG step into manufacturing exclusive Hand-Crafted, Biodegradable Natural sanitary pads. These pads are handmade by women who earn their living by working in our workshop, making them independent and empowered.

  • Biodegradable
  • Made using all-Natural materials such as Natural Fibres, Plant cellulose, Starch and Vegetable Oils
  • Chemical Safe – Contain No Perfume, Plastic or Colour
  • 7 Layered Protection
  • Super Soft to your sensitive skin and Rash Free
  • Long Hour Protection
  • Smartly designed with Wider Back and Leakage-Proof Natural Sheet
  • Available in 4 different sizes to suit your requirement (S, L, XL and XXL)
  • Environmental friendly and available with Easy Disposal covers.

How To Make Your Purchase?

Log onto our Pink Premium Pads page and choose your Pack carefully. Add your pack of Pink Premium pads into your cart and provide all the necessary details such as your shipping address and payment options, before moving ahead to the Checkout page. Once the payment has been made successfully, your order will be dispatched and delivered to you soon. You may also subscribe yourself into our website to get daily updates and discounts on your purchases.

Remember, with every pack of Pink Premium Pads, you ensure your Healthier Future, a Safer Environment, and an Empowered Woman!

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