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Changing Mindsets – The Modern Indian Women!

Women, Women and Women! People might be wondering why these articles revolve around women? Why media concentrates more on Women crime than on Men? Why Big Giants offer two good perks for Women only employees? Why every other organisation talks about rights for Women? Amm.. So many questions! Right Questions! For I have a better answer for the hypothetical queries, you people are going to accept the fact that Women have overcome a lot.

Be it traditions, ancient cultures, beliefs, society, religion and many more variables responsible for holding them back. We here talk about general women since years, please keep your classifications in mind. Women in India particularly were limited to four walls, they were considered inferior than men, they faced higher number of crimes by men and have sacrificed their happiness for others. Many of the above words are still existing in some parts of India and that is why ‘Women’. Not that we are spilling words for feminazis, just saying what it is majorly seen!

Breaking the taboo’s, leaving behind certain beliefs, carrying traditions, education and independency, modern women are snatching the clutches and are trying to get evolved:

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Embraces Gender Equality

After having giving birth to two girls, women today do not think they must have a baby ‘boy’. They believe their daughters would be as capable as the boys in the society. They educate them, nourishes them equally as their sons and give them the liberty to take life changing decisions. Women today have also realised the happiness that comes with the small family option. They look forward for social, economic and political equality.

Woman take admissions in Higher Studies and at times have outnumbered males in various competitive exams. – Four Women in Top Five of UPSC 2014 Examinations. Ira Singhal, the topper stands extraordinary not only because she tops the list but she achieved it being a differently abled person.

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Discards Menstruation Taboo

Being secluded for three days, do not touch pickle, following illogical rituals connected to periods, not touching anyone is not appreciated by modern women anymore. They consider period as a gift that would bring happiness one day. Hygiene is taken the utmost care, regardless of superstitious belief of snakes getting blind because of sanitary pads and as a curse you won’t be able to conceive a child thingy!

Aditi Gupta, founder of Menstrupedia, a Comic Book Based on Menstruation has taught the world to know and love your period!


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Moving Towards Aggregate Level

She is not just the housewife who makes sure she has her husband’s belongings at place, she is not just the mother who makes sure her children eat, study, play and sleeps well, she is not only the manager of her house binding relations to relations but she is also an employee of a company, where she tries to maintain the hunky dory with all her multi-tasking skills. May be she is a Businesswoman handling many employees under one roof.  Modern women today are interested in Sports and Politics too, it is no more a complex thing.

Sania Mirza, Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal are the world number one sports women and many other on the way. Examples of Maneka Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, Smriti Irani are well known political personalities.

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From Village? Nothing Stops Them To Grow!

If we think women in villages are dumb then let me remind you, they go to fields with their husband with the lunch prepared early morning. They know every agricultural aspects which a urban woman won’t even understand after reading them. Women in villages are becoming more inclined to change, a change for a progressive and happy life. Though not all, there are villages where women have utilised technology to stand tall out of the crowd! Provided every facilities these women can beat educated and rich women.

The Lijjat Papad, which was an initiative by ‘Shri Mahila Griha Udyog’, started with the 80 Rupees Loan and now turning in 3.1 Billion annual sales.

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